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In Lebanon and Syria, poverty stalks the Christian community


“During the war at least, they expected it to end at some point, but now, what can [Syrian Christians] expect?”

Help Syrian Refugee Children Attend School in Lebanon


The situation in Lebanon is desperate. A profound political and economic crisis plunged large sections of the country into poverty in 2019, and the pandemic …

Damascus micro-projects center gives hope to Syria’s embattled Christians


“We can help the families to start over, we give them a reason to stay, and a chance to rebuild their country.”

In Syria, a prayer service for two abducted bishops


“This event is sad for all of us. But with the Grace of God and the solidarity of our brothers and sisters, we have hope. God is the almighty and everything is possible by His Grace.”

ACN has stood by Syrian Christians during ten years of civil war


One of the most important projects supported by the organization since 2017 is the “A Drop of Milk” campaign in Aleppo. It distributes powdered milk to more than 3,000 children from Christian families who are in need or have been displaced by the war.

Ten years of conflict in Syria: ACN calls on international community to facilitate humanitarian aid


ACN calls on the international community to instruct banks to accept money transfers designated for humanitarian aid, which is already provided for in the exceptions to the existing sanctions.

A family in Homs, Syria (Ismael Martinez Sanchez_ACN)

Syria: sanctions only make people ‘suffer and become poor and miserable’


“The situation is growing ever more dire; the people are on the verge of starving to death. Some have already died.”

Sister Annie and some of her charges

Syria: ‘please don’t forget us’


The world has begun to forget about Syria and that’s painful.”

Archbishop Chahda

In Aleppo, Syria, a Mass in gratitude for ACN donors


“Your support makes the families stay in the country.”

Archbishop Selwanos Boutros Alnemeh

In Syria, the passing of a fighter for hope


“I was raised an orphan; the Church was my mother. Now all of us in Syria feel like orphans.”

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