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Middle East: Fewer Catholic schools spell more extremism

"But if we don’t keep Catholic schools going, the consequences will be serious for the whole country. Some Islamist institutions are waiting to jump into ...

Micro-projects help Syrian Christians rebuild their lives

Like many other Syrians, Mousa and Tamara lost their jobs and most prospects for a better life because of the civil war that tore their ...

ACN sends more aid to Syria after earthquake

ACN was one of the first international organizations to initiate relief efforts after the earthquake, since it was already present on the ground and had ...

Syrian Patriarch: Despite difficulties, it has been ‘a time of great grace’

"We are still doing everything possible to help our faithful, to provide them with essential services. But we cannot replace the government. There is no ...

Young people in Syria, Lebanon celebrate WYD at home

Due to visa restrictions and financial difficulty, many young Christians in Syria and Lebanon were unable to travel to Portugal for the event. But with ...

Italy: High-level meeting honors priest kidnapped in Syria

Sanctions in addition to the mass emigration of young people facing low salaries and few jobs, make it increasingly likely that the political and military ...

ACN gives Syrian and Lebanese youth a taste of World Youth Day

More than 1,000 young people are expected to attend the gathering on Mount Lebanon, which will take place as Pope Francis meets the young people ...
A Vehicle for a Parish in Syria Hit by an Earthquake

A Vehicle for a Parish in Syria Hit by the Earthquake 

In February of 2023, a powerful earthquake struck the region of southern Turkey and northern Syria. At least 50,000 people died, and a huge number ...

Syria: successors of kidnapped bishops live in hope

They were travelling together April 22, 2013, when their vehicle was stopped by suspected islamist militants. Their driver, a Syriac Orthodox deacon, was shot and ...

‘You journeyed with our suffering people until death’

He was injured during the Syrian war, in 2012, when a staircase collapsed during a bombing, crushing his hands and much of his face.
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