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Archbishop Selwanos Boutros Alnemeh

In Syria, the passing of a fighter for hope


“I was raised an orphan; the Church was my mother. Now all of us in Syria feel like orphans.”


Christmas in sight, gifts are earmarked for children in Syria


25,000 warm anoraks are now being cut and stitched together in the dressmaking and tailoring workshops of local craftsmen and craftswomen in Aleppo.

BIshop Audo

‘The Syrian people have been brutally driven into poverty’


“the war is not over yet, particularly not in Idlib, around Aleppo or in the Jazira region of north-eastern Syria.”

Sister Annie Demerjian

Syria: ‘we are living through the worst period in our history’


“For many people life is almost unbearable. Most Syrian families feel afflicted by the psychological and material pressure,”

Father Lufti (Custodian of the Holy Land (ACN))

Syria: Friars are caring for Christians living under Sharia law


“Those extremists have often persecuted, attacked, beaten, tortured and even murdered some of our brothers and sisters.”

Restored Cathedral of St. Elijah

Gravely damaged in war, Cathedral of St. Elijah in Aleppo rises from the ashes


“It sends a message to the parishioners and Christians in Aleppo—and the world—that we are still in this country despite our dwindling numbers. The restoration of the cathedral is proof of this.”

Eldery Christian residents in Damascus

Plight of poorest Christian families in Damascus is worsening


“The worsening plight of the people has forced me to get involved in the social sphere in order to help the poor and the suffering.”

Episcopal letter from Aleppo, Syria—’I am happy this Pentecost’


“Yet, despite everything, despite all successive, multiple sufferings and innumerable setbacks, coming home today I am aware of deep inside me being truly happy and satisfied!”

With eye on pandemic, ACN launches new emergency aid program for Syrian Christians


Many people in Syria have already reached the end of their strength, as a result of the war and the ongoing economic sanctions. But now they have to face a new enemy, the coronavirus.

In northeastern Syria, Christians are caught between war planes and COVID-19


“Christians are loved in the region, especially since the humanitarian organizations are all Christian, and they provide 80 percent of their aid to Muslims. Going to church, ringing bells is possible as it has always been.”

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