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Egyptians love their national soccer team, but Christians feel left out


Among Copts, stories abound of young boys who were turned away from big clubs at trials when it was revealed that they were Christians, either by their names or by the tattoo of a cross that many young men have on their wrists.

‘Violence against Christian women is a weapon in the war against religious minorities’


“We were able to document that mothers and their children are a growing target group. You are not only removing a single person from the group of Christians, but a mother and her progeny.”

Christians in Egypt: much light, but lingering shadows


“We are not asking for much and we are being realistic. Unfortunately, there are still many people who consider Christians to be second-class citizens.”

Ramses Boulos Hermina

In Egypt, Christmas season saw violent attacks on Christians


“I fear for him getting sick or catching the coronavirus, as he suffers from dyspnea and does not have suitable clothes for winter, wearing only light prison clothes,”

Kiro Khalil

Egypt: ‘I feel pity for the perpetrators’ of church attack


“These people have blood on their hands. How can a person live with that burden of guilt?”

Online Courses for Families during the Coronavirus Crisis

Online Courses for Families in Egypt During the COVID-19 Pandemic


The center for diaconal services was established in 2010 by the patriarchate of the Coptic Catholic Church in Egypt. It offers a range of social …

Support Pastoral Summer Activities for Children and Young People in Egypt


As in other parts of the world, the children of Egypt look forward to the summer. In particular, there are 290 young people from the …

Help Complete a New Church and Community Center in Egypt


Abnee Baitak is a new satellite suburb in Egypt, close to Cairo, the nation’s capital. It was built for young families by the Egyptian government. …

In Egypt, martyrs’ shrine honors 21 victims of ISIS on fifth anniversary of their death


“I’m the mother of martyrs, I’m proud of them. They intercede for me and their father in heaven.” She said she is praying for ISIS followers, calling on “God to give them the light and open their eyes to the truth and the good.”

After decades of persecution ‘things are getting better’ for Egypt’s Christians


“There is a mentality that since 1952 has treated Christians as second-class citizens. Now, some change has happened and things are getting better. Building Churches is easier than before. We don’t have to wait years to get permission to have a church built.”

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