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Crux: ACN enables Lebanese Church to be lifeline for Syrian Christian refugees


ZAHLÉ, Lebanon- If you ever encounter Rana, Victoria, Ramola, or Mona in downtown Zahlé, they …

Crux: ACN projects help both vulnerable Lebanese and Syrian Christians


Faced with a stunning influx of 1.5 million Syrian refugees in a country whose population …

Crux: ACN is committed to survival of isolated Christian village in Lebanon


El-Kaa is a small village of some 2,500 Lebanese Christians, plus approximately 1,500 Syrian refugees, …

Crux chronicles work of ACN to provide safe haven for Syrian Christians in Lebanon


On Sunday, we visited the homes of several Christian families, all of whom are afraid …

Crux reports on ACN support for Syrian Christian refugees in Lebanon


Tens of thousands of Christian refugees in Lebanon, having fled an ISIS genocide, are often …

Crux covers ACN Rome conference on plight of Iraqi Christians of the Nineveh Plains


A recent independence vote in Kurdistan has created the threat of new conflict in northern …

Zenit features talks by top Vatican official at ACN-sponsored conference on the return of Iraqi Christians to the Nineveh Plains


“The greatest challenge, then, is to create the social, political and economic conditions to enable …

Crux cites ACNUSA Chairman on plight of Muslim minority in Myanmar


A PROMINENT bishop has called on the U.S. government to provide humanitarian assistance to the …

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