Success Stories - Religious Literature

Success Story: Bibles and catechisms for the youth apostolate in Venezuela


For several years now, Venezuela has been going through a crisis almost without parallel – a crisis only further exacerbated by the pandemic. Almost 80% …

6,000 Copies of YOUCAT in Swahili for Tanzania and Kenya


The YOUCAT is a catechism for teenagers and young adults based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The fundamental elements of the Catholic faith …

Success Story: Rosary Booklets for Children in Uruguay


In Uruguay, the Catholic Church has a much more limited influence on society than in other countries of Latin America. The second smallest country in …

Success Story: Mass Books in the Chiluba Language for the Democratic Republic of Congo


The Chiluba (Ciluba) language is spoken by some 6 million people in the Kasai Region in the southeast of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. …

Success Story: 500 Bibles for a Prison Apostolate in Peru


As in many other parts of the world, in Latin America the prisons are hopelessly overfilled and conditions within them are extremely hard. The prison …

30,000 Copies of the New Testament for the Central African Republic


At last, the new edition of the New Testament in Sango, the national language of the Central African Republic, is finished and ready for distribution! …

Rosaries, Books, and 30 Bicycles for an Apostolate in Tanzania


In 2017, Catholics around the world celebrated the hundredth anniversary of the apparitions of Our Lady in Fatima, Portugal. On six occasions, between May 13 …

Prayer Books for Religious Sisters in Tanzania


The Congregation of the Bene-Mariya Sisters was established in Burundi in 1956. Their mission consists in helping families to live according to a Christian spirit …

A Catholic Calendar for the Faithful in Cuba


Each year, thanks to the help of ACN, the Cuban bishops’ conference is able to publish a Catholic liturgical and catechetical calendar for the faithful, …

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