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Success story: A Vehicle for Poor Clare Sisters in the Democratic Republic of the Congo


“Mamu wa Bupole” – “Our Lady of Peace” – this is the name of the Poor Clare Sisters’ convent in Mbuji-Mayi. Peace is something the …

Success Story: Mass Books in the Chiluba Language for the Democratic Republic of Congo


The Chiluba (Ciluba) language is spoken by some 6 million people in the Kasai Region in the southeast of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. …

In Democratic Republic of Congo, Catholic laity rally the nation for political change


At the heart of the protests is a rejection of violence in every form and a condemnation of the self-perpetuating dictatorship of the regime; protesters also have called for free and transparent elections.

African prelates welcome Pope’s call to pray for peace


There were a total of 31 wars and armed conflicts during 2017, as reported by the Group for the Investigation into the Causes of War, based at the University of Hamburg, Germany.

DRC security forces are accused of killings in more than 130 attacks on Catholic churches


“There was a Mass at Kinshasa Cathedral to memorialize at least four people killed on Dec. 31 [2017]. After this Mass, the army and police again fired tear gas and two people were injured.”

ACN reports on the life of the suffering Church around the world, helps the Church in DRC stand up against the government in protest

Democratic Republic of the Congo: ‘Church in firing line’


“The Church is certainly the most credible institution in the country and consequently finds herself in the line of fire. But it is necessary, because no one else dares to protest.”

In DRC, an upsurge of violence against the Church


In the wake of an attack on a Catholic seminary, the leader of the Church in the Democratic Republic has issued an appeal about “the alarming security situation” in his country.

Violence convulses DRC, targets the Church


The rector of a seminary in the Democratic Republic of Congo refused a militia’s request for space on its grounds. In the wake of authorities’ crackdown on the militia, its members attacked and gravely damaged the seminary.

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