Provide a New Roof for a Seminary in the Congo

In 2023, the minor seminary of Saint Pius X in the Congo will celebrate its 70th anniversary. Founded in 1953 by French missionaries, it is now home to 69 young people who hope to move on to the major seminary after completing their basic formation. 

The seminary has faced its share of challenges over the past seven decades, including one in June, when a tornado swept through the area, causing serious damage to the building. Large sections of the roof were torn off; the beds in the dormitory were tossed around and damaged; and the rain poured in. 

Provide a New Roof for a Seminary in the Congo

Thankfully, no one was killed or seriously hurt. One witness said, “We give thanks to the Lord for having saved the seminarians and their teachers from a worse fate.” Still, for the 69 boys involved, not only was it a terrifying experience, but it also left them without a roof over their heads.

Makeshift repairs were quickly made, and normal seminary life was able to resume. Their day starts with Morning Prayer and Holy Mass, followed by breakfast, classes, and homework, before concluding with Compline, or Night Prayer. 

But in order to truly flourish in the years ahead, the seminary needs a safe and solid new roof. We are offering a contribution of $26,300. 

Can you join us in providing a new roof for this minor seminary in the Congo? 

Archbishop Victor Abagna Mossa, who initially sought our help, writes, “May God reward you a hundredfold if you are able to help us!” 

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