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In Venezuela, with medicines lacking or too costly, a doctor laments: ‘We are simply watching people die’


In her moving account, the doctor describes how, after cleaning up the wound, she went looking for the little girl’s father to explain to him the gravity of his daughter’s condition; she found him kneeling on the floor, weeping.

Venezuelan Church condemns regime’s political repression, human rights violations


The statement denounces “the growing, politically motivated repression, the violation of human rights and the selective and arbitrary detentions” of individuals; the statement calls for peaceful democratic change in accord with the country’s Constitution.

In Venezuela, the march toward a totalitarian state continues


“These measures are aimed at realizing the socialist project and imposing the communist model, cost what it may, even in terms of the suffering of the people.”

Venezuelan Church rejects elections, warns of ‘catastrophe’


“These elections will not resolve the problem of the social crisis, and for that reason they are without legitimacy. These elections should be postponed, because in reality they are neither legal nor democratic.”

Cardinal sounds alarm in Venezuela


Amidst mounting and increasingly violent clashes between protestors and supporters of the government, the Venezuelan bishops have called for peace.

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