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Success Story: Bibles and catechisms for the youth apostolate in Venezuela


For several years now, Venezuela has been going through a crisis almost without parallel – a crisis only further exacerbated by the pandemic. Almost 80% …

In Venezuela, crisis has brought many closer to the Church


“We are here to serve the people, especially the poorest. Our role and commitment are to act as a presence that can bring light to the situation, inspired by the Gospel.”

Pope Francis wants to visit Venezuela


“I pray to God for reconciliation and peace among Venezuelans. I would love to come and visit you.”

Memorial procession for victims who died at sea

Venezuelan diocese mourns drowning victims


“Sadly, we cannot stop the practice, and as a result many families from here, from our diocese and from Venezuela generally, are left mourning their loved ones.”

Bishop Rodriguez at Mass

Bishop: ‘the plagues of Egypt are nothing compared to what Venezuela is going through’


“I met a seminarian who was crying. His parents had been laid off. They have nothing to live on and they can’t send their son anything. We are living on God’s providence.”

The coronavirus in Venezuela—‘a difficult moment and a trial’


Bishop Mario Moronta called on the authorities to “guarantee its citizens safe access to food, medicines, and medical care and to ensure that there are no power cuts or shortages of water and other essential services.”

Venezuelan cardinal: ‘we want a way out … , one that is peaceful and democratic, without the language of war’


Regarding the future of his country, the archbishop of Merida added that “we want a way out of this situation that is peaceful and democratic, without the language of war. We all need each other. We must do something that goes beyond political beliefs and ideologies.”

Bishop: Venezuelans are being denied ‘the basics of life’


“It is time for trust and unity so that we, as a people, can set ourselves up as a wall of peaceful resistance against those who want to besiege us and make us lose trust in God and in a better destiny, through the intimidating use of power and might.”

As Venezuela’s crisis continues, ‘We priests also feel tempted to leave’


“I encourage everyone to always be happy and prepared to spread the message throughout the entire neighborhood that the Lord is here, that there is a truth here. The Lord wants us to be joyful and we have to show everyone our joy in the risen Lord, despite all the difficulties.”

In Venezuela, with medicines lacking or too costly, a doctor laments: ‘We are simply watching people die’


In her moving account, the doctor describes how, after cleaning up the wound, she went looking for the little girl’s father to explain to him the gravity of his daughter’s condition; she found him kneeling on the floor, weeping.

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