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Burkina Faso: Christmas, with more than a million internal refugees


The priest they murdered was Father Simeon Yampa, who had arrived in Dablo in September 2018. That Sunday, as it happened, was Good Shepherd Sunday

Fleeing poverty, war, refugees find succor from the Church in South Africa


The project’s aim is to provide pastoral and social services to refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants with a view to restoring their lost dignity, faith and hope.

Mozambique: How many more deaths will it take before the world takes action?


“The terrorists seem to want to cause maximum damage and sow the greatest terror in their destructive frenzy. We wonder how many more deaths there must be before the world does something to stop this violence?”

Regina Lynch

Ethiopia is living a nightmare


“Hundreds of citizens are being killed in the conflicts in the Tigray region. Nobody knows for sure the number of dead, but we have been told that there are priests and church leaders among them. Shops, schools, churches and convents have been robbed and destroyed.”

Tigray region

Ethiopia: Surge in violence leads to up to 1,000 deaths


“The people hiding in the church were brought out and shot in the square.”

Gerard Ouambou

The Central African Republic is at the mercy of looters and mercenaries


“In the battle at a geopolitical level the ordinary people of the country are no more than pawns in a game of chess.”

Bishop Azuaje

In Venezuela, a bishop’s last plea for peace and justice


“This year the embrace of God is more powerful than ever for all the children of this land, orphaned of embraces. His weeping was the announcement of peace and the passage from suffering to glory … God with us and us with God.”

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