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Burkina Faso: Christmas, with more than a million internal refugees


The priest they murdered was Father Simeon Yampa, who had arrived in Dablo in September 2018. That Sunday, as it happened, was Good Shepherd Sunday

Burkina Faso Christians face resurgence of terrorist attacks


Many of them had been identified as Christians and the terrorists were expressly seeking them out to kill them because of their faith.

Success Story: Radios, Solar lamps and Memory Sticks with Recorded Lessons for 800 Refugee Families in Burkina Faso


Life in northern and eastern Burkina Faso has been virtually paralyzed by terrorism and the resulting critical security situation. The threat of Islamist attacks is …

Jihadists attack Christians in Niger


The area has become one of the hotspots for militant jihadism in Africa.

Christians among victims of massacre in Burkina Faso


“Christians have more reason to fear a forced imposition of Islam. Their religious freedom and even their lives are at stake.”

Bishop Dabire

Burkina Faso bishop: ‘The faithful are fleeing terrorism, but they are holding on to their faith’


“Even when the terrorists have threatened people, trying to force them to convert, they have not succeeded. The people have simply fled, bringing their faith with them.”

A Car for the Missionary Sisters of Niger and Burkina Faso


The Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of the Apostles (Soeurs de Notre Dame des Apôtres) work in many fields, including education, catechesis, and healthcare. At …

First Communion in the Diocese of Kaya

Burkina Faso: First Communion against backdrop of terrorism, COVID-19


“I have received the Body and Blood of Christ. This has strengthened my faith.”

Help a Catholic Radio Station in Burkina Faso


For over 50 years now, ACN has supported media-based evangelization, primarily through radio. Father Werenfried van Straaten, ACN’s founder, understood early on how the modern …

Help for Families Fleeing Terrorists in Burkina Faso


Christians make up a tiny and widely scattered minority in northern Burkina Faso, where 95 percent of the population is Muslim. Since 2015, the region …

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