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Two Jesuit priests are murdered in Mexico


“Everyday men and women are arbitrarily killed, as our priests were murdered today. The Jesuits in Mexico will continue to speak out against this reality which causes so much harm to society. We will remain, and continue to work for the mission of justice, reconciliation, and peace, through our pastoral, educational and social work.”

2022 Benefactors’ Day: portrait of a donor in Brazil


He doesn’t need to do this work, although it is a way of helping the local recycling team. Once all the material has been converted into cash, it becomes a donation to ACN, a precious gift for the suffering Church that comes from sacrifice itself.

Nicaragua: bishop goes on hunger strike to protest police harassment


Bishop Álvarez, who has taken refuge during in the parish of Santo Cristo de las Colinas, in Managua, accused the police of having set up roadblocks to prevent priests from reaching the parish to celebrate Mass with him.

Church in Latin America faces aggressive secularism, polarization


“In many of these countries there is an aggressive tendency which seeks to silence the voice of the Church, especially on family and prolife issues. Many of our project partners have told us that in their countries there is a polarization of society, with increasingly large groups characterized by their extremist positions.”

Kidnapping of priest highlights ongoing crisis in Haiti


“The deterioration of the situation in the country is due to the multiplication of armed gangs, the constant cases of kidnapping, the ubiquitous insecurity, inflation, especially the rise in the prices of essential goods, bloody incidents and a flood of upheavals and acts of cruelty.”

Success Story: Bibles and catechisms for the youth apostolate in Venezuela


For several years now, Venezuela has been going through a crisis almost without parallel – a crisis only further exacerbated by the pandemic. Almost 80% …

Chaos in Haiti (Digital-Democracy)

Haiti bishops issue urgent appeal for unity


“Our dear Haiti is crossing a difficult stage in its history. Who is going to finally stop her descent into hell? The Haitian people really cannot do it anymore. They are tired, worn out, exhausted.”

‘Be quiet so that God may defend you’—kidnapped sister is free at last


As regards the suffering, she often remembered the teachings of her order’s foundress, the Blessed Caridad Brader, “Be quiet so that God may defend you,”

Fund the Training of 106 Young Religious Sisters in Haiti


Haiti is the poorest country in Latin America and one of the least developed nations in the world. Violence, crime, natural disasters, political unrest, poverty …

In Venezuela, crisis has brought many closer to the Church


“We are here to serve the people, especially the poorest. Our role and commitment are to act as a presence that can bring light to the situation, inspired by the Gospel.”

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