"Whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me."

Aid for the Religious

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Support Religious Sisters of the Holy Family in Ukraine


The Sisters of the Holy Family urgently need our aid. Currently working in eight different centers in Ukraine, these Sisters normally help in parishes, mainly …

Support the Carmelite Sisters in the Czech Republic


The Feast of Saint Joseph on March 19, 2021 was a day of special joy for the discalced Carmelite Sisters in Prague. On this day, …

A Course to Help Young Religious Cope with Trauma in a Conflict Region


For many years, Cameroon, a country in Central-West Africa with 24 million inhabitants, was regarded as relatively stable when compared its crisis-racked neighbors. Then, in …

Mass Stipends for Priests and Support for Religious Sisters in Amazonian Brazil


The Diocese of Humaità in northwest Brazil, in the state of Amazonas, covers an area of over 53,000 square miles. It is larger than Alabama, …

Support 16 Contemplative Sisters in Peru


Peru is the third largest country in South America, with a mostly indigenous population of 32 million and a topography that includes the Andes mountains …

PPE Against Covid-19 for Priests and Religious in Zambia


In the first few months of the pandemic it looked as though Africa had escaped relatively lightly. However, the second wave of the virus is …

Provide for the Care and Medical Needs of 26 Frail and Elderly Religious Sisters in Lebanon


The continuing severe economic and political crisis in Lebanon is causing great suffering to its people. According to UN figures, over 55% of the Lebanese …

Support Two Religious Sisters in Cuba


The Missionary Congregation of the Evangelizing Sisters of Mary was founded in 1975 in Uganda, in East Africa. During the papal visit to Uganda in 1969, …

Support the Apostolate of Contemplative Sisters in the Democratic Republic of the Congo


In 1934, six Belgian religious Sisters set out on a great adventure. Boarding a ship in Lisbon, they set sail on the long voyage to …

Support the Life and Ministry of 56 Religious Sisters in Russia


With a total area of almost 3.9 million square miles, the Diocese of Saint Joseph in Russia is larger than the entire United States. Scattered …

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