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Repair a Riverboat for Pastoral Work in the Amazon Region of Brazil


The Diocese of Xingu-Altamira in Brazil covers a vast portion of the Amazon rainforest; at over 96,000 square miles, it is larger than the state …

A Car for a Catholic Lay Community in Brazil


Thanks once again to our generous benefactors, we were able to contribute $23,300 to help a lay community in Brazil buy a vehicle to help …

A Support Vehicle for a Vocations Apostolate and Seminarians in Brazil


Close to 340,000 people in the Diocese of Teixera de Freitas-Caravelas, located in the northeast of Brazil in the federal state of Bahia, are Catholic, …

Religious procession in Amazonas

In Amazonas, Brazil, a brutal battle against COVID-19


“The biggest difficulties are the sheer distances and the problem of access to the hospitals equipped for helping the most severely ill.”

Father Chiera

Brazil: ‘your donations are saving lives’


“These children, who have never been allowed to be loved as ‘sons or daughters,’ need first of all to be able to live the experience of being loved before they themselves can begin to love.”

Success Story: Protective Equipment for Priests in Brazil During the Coronavirus Pandemic


Brazil is currently in third place in the world for the number of those infected by the coronavirus pandemic. As of early December, out of …

A Boat for Pastoral Work in Brazil


The Territorial Prelature of Itacoatiara, located in the Amazonas State of northern Brazil, covers an area of over 22,000 square miles, which is almost twice …

Support the Formation of 54 Men in Brazil


Today, over 3,000 people in more than twenty countries belong to the Shalom Catholic Community. This community was founded in Brazil in 1982, and its …

In hard-hit Brazil, help for priests aiding the most vulnerable caught up in the coronavirus pandemic


“Recently we have made great efforts to raise funds, but it is now getting very difficult, since the people themselves have next to nothing,”

Support the Training of Seminarians at a Spiritual Community in Brazil


Brazil’s Opus Mariae Community was founded in 1990 and now has 3,350 members worldwide. They come from all walks of life, including priests, deacons, consecrated …

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