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Help Build a Village Chapel in Ethiopia


The Apostolic Vicariate of Soddo lies in southern Ethiopia, 240 miles south of the capital, Addis Ababa. Covering a territory of some 18,000 square miles, …

Support for the Bible and Catechetical Apostolate in Ethiopia


The priestly Order of the Imitation of Christ was established in 1919 in Kerala in India. It has also been present in the Horn of …

Ethiopia: Missionary pleads for peace


The causes of the war are complex, but the results, as always, have been especially tragic for the civilian population.

Is genocide underway in Ethiopia’s Tigray region?


“Our sisters have been raped. Some of them we had to take to the hospital, even nuns have been raped.”

In Ethiopia’s war-torn Tigray Region, Church provides material and spiritual help


‘“I don’t have the words to describe their suffering; there is great despair and the people are traumatized,”

Regina Lynch

Ethiopia is living a nightmare


“Hundreds of citizens are being killed in the conflicts in the Tigray region. Nobody knows for sure the number of dead, but we have been told that there are priests and church leaders among them. Shops, schools, churches and convents have been robbed and destroyed.”

Tigray region

Ethiopia: Surge in violence leads to up to 1,000 deaths


“The people hiding in the church were brought out and shot in the square.”

Support a Youth Apostolate in a Remote Region of Ethiopia


For eight years, Father Kenneth Iwuna has worked as a missionary in a remote region of southern Ethiopia. This region is inhabited by the Borana …

Prince Dr. Asfa Wossen Asserate (© Asfa-Wossen-Asserate

Ethiopia: ‘we can live in peaceful coexistence’


“It is imperative that this apartheid constitution is replaced by a new one, which finally will turn Ethiopia into the country that most Ethiopians have wanted for at least 50 years: a democratic federalist state.”

Support the Pastoral Work of Comboni Missionary Sisters in Ethiopia


Benishangul-Gumuz is a poor and underdeveloped region in northwest Ethiopia, on the border with Sudan. Home to the ethnic groups the Gumuz and the Agaw, …

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