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Two Jesuit priests are murdered in Mexico


“Everyday men and women are arbitrarily killed, as our priests were murdered today. The Jesuits in Mexico will continue to speak out against this reality which causes so much harm to society. We will remain, and continue to work for the mission of justice, reconciliation, and peace, through our pastoral, educational and social work.”

Massive influx of Haitian migrants triggers crisis in Mexico


“Behind these migrant caravans there are an infinite number of private interests, institutions and non-governmental organizations that have made these migrants into an industry for their own personal benefit.”

Sponsor the Training of Seminarians in Mexico


For years now, Catholic priests in Mexico have faced grave danger. There is no other country in the world in which the number of murdered …

Bridgettine Convent Rebuilt in Puebla, Mexico


Thanks to the generosity of our benefactors, ACN was able to help with a contribution of $27,500 towards the cost of rebuilding the convent wing …

‘Nobody comes away unmoved from the Night of Witnesses’


“We wish to honor the ‘martyrs’ of our times and we feel that remembering them once a year is the very minimum we can do for them.”

Mexico is one of the most dangerous countries for priests


“This is why we are directing an urgent appeal to the federal government of Mexico, to the authorities of the various states, and to the city governments: we want them all to guarantee that pastoral care can safely be carried out in regions beset by uncontrolled, growing violence. We cannot remain silent!”

Catholic priest stabbed in Mexico Cathedral


Speaking on behalf on the cathedral chapter, Father Ricardo Valenzuela, the senior sacristan and liturgical director of the cathedral, expressed his concern for the health of the priest and asked for the prayers of all the Catholic faithful.

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