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Refugees in a camp in Pemba

Mozambique: ‘war has only losers, but those who suffer most are the poorest’


“We cannot be indifferent to the suffering, the pain, the death of so many of our brothers and sisters.”

Displaced people in Cabo Delgado

ACN announces $120,000 emergency aid for jihadist-plagued Mozambique


“They have burned down churches and destroyed convents, and also abducted two sisters. But almost nobody has paid any attention to this new focus of terror and jihadist violence in Africa.”

EU sounds alarm: danger of Mozambique becoming a new base for ISIS


He added that the European Union should consider taking action by helping the government of Mozambique.

Women religious fear jihadists will take control of province in Mozambique


“These are people who not only need to eat; they also have to have some spiritual accompaniment. Some of them have seen their parents, their brothers beheaded.”

Destruction in Mozambique

Mozambique: in wake of attack,Carmelite sister testifies to ‘barbarism’ of jihadists


They are sowing terror among the population, burning towns and villages and attacking civilians on the roads or those travelling by public transport.

In Mozambique, insurgents wage war hidden by ‘law of silence’


“There are many financial interests and those who are funding all this are finding fertile ground due to the poverty, the lack of opportunities and the resulting youth unemployment.”

Jihadists fly their flag in Mozambique—a ‘disgrace,’ bishop says


“It is a tragedy. What is happening in Mozambique is a disgrace. It is a real shame that our people should be humiliated in this way.”

Mozambique bishop decries ‘tragedy’ of persistent Islamist attacks


There are no official statistics, but the bishop is certain that at least 500 have been killed since late October 2017, when the attacks on villages, administrative centers and army personnel began. The attackers have left decapitated bodies behind to sow terror.

Crux: ACN Director of Outreach Edward Clancy on Mozambique’s need for healing


YAOUNDÉ, Cameroon – Mozambique is still recovering from the effects of two cyclones that hit the country earlier this year, leaving hundreds of people dead. …

In Mozambique, priest reports on ‘victims crying for help as they were carried away by floods’


“Beira is no longer a city. It has been destroyed almost entirely. From an airplane, the city presents itself as a large lake, from which emerge buildings without ceilings. You don’t see streets, houses, fields. A lot of people have lost their lives.”

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