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Burkina Faso: ‘Faith, not guns, will save us’


“People wake up in the morning and don’t know if they will become the latest victims of an attack, and nobody feels safe anymore.”

Six months of war in Ukraine: ‘The Lord put us here to serve’


“I met a soldier who from his position at the front line can see his home through binoculars. His wife and two children remained, under occupation. Every day he can see his wife and children from a distance, but he has no contact with them.”

‘An attempt to silence the Church in Nicaragua’


“These events represent a further escalation in a spiral of confrontation. There is no easy solution. We must pray that there may be a peaceful solution and not a further increase in hostilities.”

Malawi: ‘We want to reach out to every single person in the diocese’


The large distances and shortage of priests and Church structures demand full participation of the laity in ministry.

Bishop: ‘I lost hope in Lebanese politics, but I have hope in the people’


” it was terrible to hear what I heard and see what I saw: to see your capital, your country, your city, destroyed. None of my close friends remain in Lebanon, they all left after the blast.”

Balochistan is deadly for Christians in pakistan


The Catholic eighth grader and two of his friends were injured the evening of Aug. 8 awhen motorcycle-riding gunmen attacked the Christian colony in the Mastung area of Pakistan’s Balochistan province.

August 22: day to remember victims of religiously motivated violence


A spiral of violence in Nigeria. The country with the largest population in Africa is experiencing an unprecedented scale of religious based violence which ACN warns could get even worse unless the international community unites to address and seek solutions to the issues.

Assault on Coptic Christian woman in Egypt goes unpunished


“The sheriff called both the mayor of our village and the pharmacist. He confessed he slapped me in the face. However, he lied, claiming he was just kidding with me.”

Christian minor escapes forced conversion in Pakistan


“I pleaded to let me return to my parents and I even quit eating for a few days. But he didn’t give in,” said Saba.

Abuja under terrorist attacks: Archbishop decries insecurity and inequality


Although the archbishop is skeptical that the ruling party will allow the 2023 vote to be fair, the Church has been encouraging everyone to register and to try and change the country through the ballot box. The worst that can happen, he adds, is for the ruling party to use the violence and instability as an excuse to postpone the elections indefinitely.

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