Church backs program protecting Pakistan’s minority girls


“The pressure in courts from extremist groups, the biased attitude of police, the fear of harm from the abductor, and stigma force the victim to often give a statement in favor of her abductor.”

Cardinal Bo

Myanmar: ‘the killings must stop at once’


“The blood spilled is not the blood of an enemy. It is the blood of our own sisters and brothers, our own citizens.”

Bangladeshi Catholic couple prays for justice for martyred son


SUKHRANJAN HALDER, 75 AND ANNA HALDER, 70, ARE A BANGLADESHI CATHOLIC COUPLE, who have been suffering financial, physical and mental anguish since they lost their …

Ten years of conflict in Syria: ACN calls on international community to facilitate humanitarian aid


ACN calls on the international community to instruct banks to accept money transfers designated for humanitarian aid, which is already provided for in the exceptions to the existing sanctions.

Small Catholic communities survive in Kyrgyzstan


“Money is being pumped into the country byTurkey and Pakistan to promote a more radical interpretation of Islam.”

Papal visit to Iraq: ‘Hopefully this will motivate the international community to help’


“Thousands lined the streets to see the Pope as he drove past. Religious sisters were literally dancing on the rooftops. These were people who had come back after being forced to leave their homes because of ISIS. What the Pope saw here were truly the living stones of the Church in Iraq.”

Iraqi priest: Pope and Grand Ayatollah are peacemakers


The Christians of Baghdad hope that the Pope’s visit will save their community from the brink of extinction. One Church official told ACN that the number of Catholics in Baghdad was no more than a few hundred, after years of threats and bombings.

Pope Francis receives a copy of the order to pay the jizya, the jihadist tax ISIS demanded from Christians in Iraq


“It proves the severe persecution suffered by Christians in Iraq during the years of terror by the ISIS.”

Myanmar: ‘I fear there is going to be a bloodbath’


“But what can the people do against tanks? And tanks are now being deployed everywhere.”

Kenyan Christians cry for justice after arson targets churches


“I was left wondering why they had to do this because burning a church is same as invoking God’s wrath.”

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