Pope Francis Video: religious persecution is ‘unacceptable, inhuman’


“As human beings, we have so many things in common that we can live alongside each other, welcoming our differences with the joy of being brothers and sisters.”

‘Be quiet so that God may defend you’—kidnapped sister is free at last


As regards the suffering, she often remembered the teachings of her order’s foundress, the Blessed Caridad Brader, “Be quiet so that God may defend you,”

Year in review: the state of religious freedom around the world


“We are saddened by the reports of religious persecution and violence that reach us almost on a weekly basis.”

ACN launches Christmas campaign to help Christian refugees


As Christmas draws near, more than 84 million people worldwide are forcibly displaced. This year, Africa recorded the highest increase in IDPs, and Syria remained the country from which the greatest number of people has been forced to flee.

No Christmas lights for Aleppo, but hope is in big supply


“I thought it was done, destroyed, how could it be restored? It took a lot of effort, and slowly, slowly, the Lord gave us the grace of giving us a new Christmas.”

Mozambique: a story of sorrow and salvation in Pemba


“After two weeks, we found the body already decomposing. The head was hanging from a pole with the body lying next to it. Full of fear, we dug a grave while one person stood as a lookout.”

Syria: ‘They would not let us ring the church bells’


Moufida recalled how the armed Islamist groups invaded their village. “They took away our livelihood, our money and our homes.”

Christ is the brother of every man and woman


One of the most serious temptations is undoubtedly that of transforming Christianity into a set of moral guidelines, of teachings, into a purely social aid campaign.

Report: violence against Christians is on the rise across India


The Hindu extremists who are behind these attacks, the report said, did not even spare women from their terror. More than 1331 women were injured in the violence against Christians.

Lebanon: ‘I became a refugee, just like the Child Jesus’


““They attacked us with guns, although we were completely defenseless. They killed 15 young people and burned down five houses. Everybody fled. We ran, along with everybody else, not taking anything with us except the clothes on our backs. We ran out of our homes and fled.”

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