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Dear Benefactors,

Each of you receives messages from us: the Mirror, letters, emails, reports. They are news and messages that almost always contain requests for help and prayers for our persecuted brothers or sisters, people in need. And every day, we receive the comfort of your prayers and your generous donations that are used to soothe suffering Christian communities oppressed by trial.  Without your charity, it would be impossible to accomplish all of this.

Often you entrust us, through your Mass intentions, your difficulties, which almost always do not concern material things, but rather family life, spiritual challenges in parish communities, situations in the workplace or health issues.

Many of you have been supporting ACN projects for years and for that, I, and all those who receive your help, would like express to you, with this letter, our heartfelt thanks. And though most of you wish to stay in the shadows without waiting for a thank-you, we cannot suppress our gratitude.

On June 11th, Donor Appreciation Day, and on the the occasion of the solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the most beautiful way we can thank you is the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. Eucharist, in fact, means Thanksgiving. We, along with thousands of ministers of God, will celebrate 5.000 Masses for each of you for your spiritual and material well-being.

Thank you so much, dear benefactors, for your generous response to God’s love. Thank you for your open heart to the sufferings of others and for extending your charitable hand in kindness.

For each one of you, we invoke the blessings of the Lord.

Father David John Pakistan
Steven=azabo Iraq
Joseph Bature Nigeria
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