Provide a Sturdy, All-Terrain Vehicle for Pastoral Work in Brazil

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The Apostolic Prelature of Cristalandia in central western Brazil covers a vast area of over 24,000 square miles – larger than many U.S. states. It has 17 parishes and its close-to 177,000 Catholic faithful live widely scattered. There are just 16 priests to minister to them pastorally, and the distances are vast, making pastoral care a massive challenge. This is especially true because the rural roads themselves are not easy to manage.

The situation is further complicated by the numerous neo-Pentecostal sects that are spreading everywhere throughout Brazil. Thanks to the obligatory ‘tithes’ they demand from their members, the ‘temples’ of these sects are springing up everywhere, in almost every single settlement.

Bishop Wellington de Queiroz Vieira, who has been in charge of the prelature only since last year, wants to be close to his Catholic faithful. As a result, he is constantly traveling, visiting various parishes. He also wants to generally strengthen the pastoral care within his prelature and consequently plans to improve the training of the catechists and intensify the catechetical outreach to root the Catholic faithful more deeply in their faith.

The bishop especially wants to encourage better preparation for the sacraments of baptism and matrimony and greater help for families, in particular by helping them to see marriage and family not merely as “one option among many” but as a real vocation. He also wants to encourage prayer within the family, knowing that generally speaking the family is the first and best “school of love and faith” and the first place the children will experience these things. He is also encouraging Bible courses to help people better know and understand the Good News of the Gospel. Finally, he wants to encourage youth work and the vocations apostolate.

With all this in mind, and given the massive distances the bishop has to cover within his prelature, it is vital for the bishop to have a solid and robust all-terrain vehicle. He has turned to ACN for help, and we are proposing a contribution of $18,000, so that he can obtain a suitable vehicle.

Will you help provide Bishop Vieira with the sturdy vehicle he needs to reach his people in Brazil?

Code: 212-08-29

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