A Convent for Missionary Sisters in Bolivia

The apostolic prelature of Corocoro lies high in the Andes, in one of the poorest parts of Bolivia, where 80 percent of the population live in extreme poverty. Clean drinking water and adequate nutrition are by no means guaranteed, and neither is medical care. Most people live in small, remote villages that are difficult to access, with roads that are dangerous and often impassable in the rainy season.

A Convent for Missionary Sisters in Bolivia

The Missionary Sisters of Jesus the Eternal Priest are a congregation founded in Italy in 1947. They do selfless work in Bolivia: they care for poor families, the elderly, the lonely, and orphaned children. They also help people with disabilities and instruct children and young adults in the faith. They are a veritable blessing for so many people.

For now, the sisters have temporary housing in Quime, a small village where there is often not enough water. But the bishop would like to build a convent on a plot of land belonging to the Church in the small town of Patacamaya, where the prelature has its seat. We are offering $41,570 for the project. Will you join us in supporting the dedicated sisters of Bolivia?

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