Help Christian Refugees this Christmas

Please Help the Faithful of South Sudan

Can you support us in building a culture of love in South Sudan? 

In the last three years, more than 50,000 have died and nearly 2.5 million people have been forced from their homes in this, the world’s youngest country.  The faithful have suffered through decades of a brutal civil war and today continue to live the horrors of bloodshed, abduction and assaults on women and girls.

With your support, Aid to the Church in Need is helping, in particular, the youngest victims of violence by funding Church programs that provide for  basic needs, shelter, and a healing environment where children can be children -- like the House of Hope, started by The Missionaries of the Divine Word in the Parish of Lainya, where youth can play, learn to work as a team and do their homework.

Any amount will aid God’s most vulnerable in their daily struggle to survive. Thank you.


Children praying in South Sudan

Christians Under Siege

ISIS may be on the run, but Iraqi Christians 'are still afraid'
"We ask ourselves whether this was their way of telling us that they will burn us to death if we return,."

EU politicians Skype with children in Aleppo
"I feel very sad when I see the kids dying. I hope that God will bring everything back to its condition before and that God saves our country Syria."

On the Nineveh Plain, German ISIS fighters left their mark
"This country is Islamic country, you dirty ones, and you don't belong here."

'Eritrea hungers for God'
"The people's determination and spirituality, their hunger for Bibles--this is what is really amazing."

Projects in Need

Support the Apostolate of Five Franciscan Sisters in Bulgaria
This year the Sisters have asked for our help once again and we are planning to give them $1,600. Can you help us to aid these Sisters who struggle to make ends meet?

Rebuild a Parish House Destroyed by an Earthquake in Chile
Will you help us rebuild a parish house destroyed by the earthquake that hit Chile in September 2015? We are sure that local faithful will remember you in their grateful prayers.

Help 12,000 Refugee Families in Iraq for 6 Months
The Catholic Church in Iraqi Kurdistan is overwhelmed trying to help the thousands of refugees who have fled there. Can you help a Christian family in need today?

Emergency aid for family members and victims following a suicide attack by Boko Haram in Cameroon
Will you join us in fulfilling a promise to provide emergency aid following this deadly suicide attack by Boko Haram?

Church Around the World

The Philippines--a Catholic oasis in Asia
The Church is concerned about both the general and religious education of the faithful. The people are deeply religious, but poorly educated.

Three years after Cyclone Yolanda, Philippine dioceses regain their footing
"You have strengthened our faith knowing that God never forgets us, for you are there to respond to the calling of God to help us."

Albanian Church honors its martyrs: stories of gruesome deaths
"Long live Christ the King, long live Albania. We forgive those who kill us."

With just one place to worship, Somalia is a dangerous place for Christians
"The church is a silent witness in a country where there are more and more mosques, thanks to financial aid from Saudi Arabia."

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