Christians Under Siege

In Kurdish Iraq, Christian refugees are preparing for winter

Christians struggle to rebuild their lives in Syria

'Our people have been abandoned'-- Chaldean prelate blasts Iraqi government, Muslim leaders

'If you want to kill us for our faith then we are prepared to die here and now'

Syria_Homeless child in Damascus receives basic provisions

United in Faith.
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The plight of Iraqi and Syrian Christians is tragic, with each day bringing new struggles and fears.  For more about the crisis, please read our
Faith Under Siege report.  For a brief update on the situation and what ACN is doing, click here

Please visit our chapel to
light a candle for our brothers and sisters in faith.  To obtain 'Nazarene' products to aid faithful in Iraq and Syria, click here.  Thank you.

Churches in Need

'The Christian minority in India is under serious threat'

Bishop in Bosnia-Herzegovina: instability plays into the hands of the extremists

In Lebanon, a major Catholic village walks its way of the cross

In Ukraine, 'people are praying and weeping--because they feel utterly helpless'


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Catholic Books for an Orthodox Seminary in Russia

Currently, there are about 100 young men preparing for ordination at the Orthodox seminary in Smolensk. This city which, according to the earliest documentary evidence dates back to the year 863, is situated in the west of Russia, close to the frontier with Belarus. Ever since the early 1990s, ACN has been supporting the seminary, which was reopened in 1988. Before the communist October 1917 revolution, Orthodox priests had been trained here for over 200 years.  Read More

Construct a Parish Church in Nigeria
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