Help Feed the Hungry in Lebanon

Since December 2015, the emergency feeding center, the Table of Saint John the Merciful, has been a place of refuge for all who cannot afford a hot meal each day. Many refugees from Syria, and also needy Lebanese, street children and children who are not fed properly at home, come to the center. Every day approximately 600 people are given a free hot meal.

With your support, we can keep this vital program running.  Any amount will make a tremendous difference in the lives of those who have so little.  Thank you and God bless youi.

Help a Emergency Feeding Program for Syrian Refugees in Leba

Girl in Church with Candle


Keep Christianity Alive in Iraq

"Truly, these coming months may well decide the fate of Christianity in Iraq; whether it surviives and is given a chance for rebirth; or whether ir perishes...Still, we are a people of hope, of undying faith in God's help...I am able to speak in these terms because of the unfailing support from Christians in the West that have helped Iraqi Christians going, despite all the odds."

These words of Archbishop Bashar Warda of Erbil, Iraq are a call to action for Christians around the world.

Can we count on your help?  Your donation will ensure that no child will go hungry and that all will have a safe place to lay their heads at night.  May God bless you for your support.


Christians Under Siege

A 'Marshall Plan' for Iraq: rebuilding Christian villages on the Nineveh plains
"ACN has to support these people in this decisive and historical moment for Christians in Iraq."

Christians assess the damage on Iraq's Nineveh plain, ravaged by ISIS
"I want to rebuild my life in Qaraqosh. This is my place, I shall remain here until I die."

Mother & son survived two years under the thumb of the Islamic State
"'If you do not convert to Islam, we will shoot you as well."

In northern Iraq, Christmas joy is tempered by concerns
"The refugees know that Christians from other countries have kept them alive."

Projects in Need

Solar Heating for Benedictine Sisters in Ukraine
The Sisters are hoping that a solar heating plant will help and provide hot water at a reasonable cost. But it is an investment they cannot afford. So they have turned to our donors for help.

Provide Housing for Sick, Frail and Elderly Religious Sisters in Slovakia
The congregation wants to build additional rooms where frail and elderly Sisters can be cared for properly, and ACN wants to help. Will you support housing for these Sisters in Slovakia who endured such repression in the communist era?

Support for Religious Sisters in Paraguay
"We are trying to nurture the seed of the Kingdom of God in this mission field." Without the commitment and hard work of the Sisters, many people in the outlying communities would have no one to care for them. Will you help these Sisters today?

Build a Multipurpose Hall for a Parish in India
The parish is planning to build a multipurpose hall to accommodate parish life, but these faithful are extremely poor and can contribute little financially. Half of them live below the poverty threshold. Can you help make their dream a reality?

Church Around the World

In DRC, an upsurge of violence against the Church
"The Church is being targeted deliberately, in order to sabotage her mission of peace and reconciliation."

Water brings new life for contemplative nuns in DRC
"We didn't know how we were going to survive after the collapse of our old well a year ago,"

In Russia, Orthodox and Catholics are 'saving unborn children together'
"The protection of life is an issue on which the two Churches completely agree, also in terms of theology."

In Paraguay, women religious work where priests can rarely visit
This is precisely their charism: to work in those places that have not seen a priest for months or even years.

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