Bring Hope to Refugees in Syria and IraqBaskets of Hope - Young Refugee Boy

Today our brothers and sisters in the Middle East are suffering and trapped in an unbearable situation. Small children and innocent women and men are refugees in their own land. 

At this time of Thanksgiving, we pray that you and your loved ones can once more open your hearts to the urgent needs of these Christian refugees and offer them much needed hope.  A Basket of Hope filled with non-perishable food items, medicine and blankets will help our overwhelmed brothers and sisters in faith as they brace for a harsh winter.  The situation is a desperate one as supplies are running low.

Please give what you can and ask your family and friends if they can give as well.  Thank you. 


Christians Under Siege

Thousands of Syrian Christians are fleeing ISIS assault
"We are afraid that ISIS will conquer the town. We would lose the center of Christianity in our diocese."

Lebanese archbishop sees Paris attacks as West's wake-up call on Syria
"It's time to fight ISIS together with the Syrian government. Only then will we be able to see how to move on in Syria."

For Christians uprooted by ISIS there is fruitfulness in suffering
"ISIS showed us the ugly face of Islam--but their killing and atrocities made us see how beautiful our faith is."

Projects in Need

Construction of a Church in Egypt
For 30 years, Catholics have wanted to build their own church in this village, but it has been extremely difficult for Christians to obtain building permits.

Emergency aid for refugees in the Central African Republic
"More than ever, this country needs our prayers, our help and our attention."

A Church for the Town of Lyubotyn in Ukraine
It is the unanimous testimony of bishops and religious in the country that the yearning for God is growing ever greater.

20,000 Catechisms for Children and Young People in El Salvador
One of the principal challenges for the Church is to educate the children and young people in the faith, to help them to discover a sense of joy.

Church Around the World

Pope Francis in Uganda--honoring martyrs, firing up the faith
"The Pope's simple life is a beautiful example. He revitalizes the people's faith and reminds us that there is always room for improvement."

Pope Francis to visit Central African Republic as herald of peace
"Through his words, we believe, we hear the voice of Christ calling to us."

South Sudan religious leaders cry out for help: 'People are dying as we speak'
"Children and women are those most affected. They will be exposed to a variety of epidemics and to starvation if they don't get help soon."

A rarity in a Cuban suburb: a new church will be built
"When the new church is finally standing, it will definitely draw more people. It is going to be wonderful. "

Prayer Chapel Projects in Need Mass Offerings
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