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Baskets of Hope - Refugee Boy in Syria

"If there are no safe areas in Syria, still more people will leave the country--probably for good."

Bishop Antoine Chbeir, Maronite Bishop of Latakia, Syria cries out for his people during this difficult time.  There are desperate efforts to tend to the injured and the dying following multiple ISIS attacks which have left more than 200 dead, nearly 650 injured and countless others fleeing.

Our Christian brothers and sisters in the Middle East need non-perishable food items and medicine -- and your prayers.  Can you help today? 

Please give what you can. No amount is too small.  Thank you.

Support a Pastoral Program in India to Mark the Year of MercSupport a Pastoral Program in India to Mark the Holy
Year of Mercy

Bishop Salvadore Lobo of Baruipur has profound sympathy for the poor and handicapped. While still a young seminarian, he met Mother Teresa and decided there and then to help as a volunteer in her Kaligat House of the Dying in Calcutta, washing and tending to the dying. It was an experience that remained with him throughout his life.

The concern nearest the bishop’s heart now is to ensure that the people truly take to their hearts the message of God’s Mercy. As a result, he wants to establish a pastoral program that will not just last for the Year of Mercy but for three years altogether.

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Pope Calls on Faithful Around the World to Join ACN in
'Be God's Mercy' Campaign 

The “Be God’s Mercy” campaign has the Church’s most important backing -- that of Pope Francis -- who personally endorses the four-month-long initiative that will conclude October 4, 2016. On that day, Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, ACN officials will present the Pope with the “first fruits” of the campaign.

At a press conference formally launching the campaign, the Pope—in a video message—called on Catholics around the world to “carry out works of mercy together with ACN, in every part of the world, in order to meet the many, many needs of today.”

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Christians Under Siege

Thousands of children in Syria pray for peace
"We want to live, we want to enrich our children with a good upbringing."

Pope meets Egypt's Grand Imam: 'the ice has been broken'
There are still many problems, of course, but I have the impression that Muslims are growing more aware of our situation."

Pope invites children around the world to pray for peace in Syria
"We would like to see our country once again become the country of happiness and love it like it used to be."

Bishop cries out as ISIS devastates Syrian towns
"If there are no safe areas in Syria, still more people will leave the country--probably for good. Many of them will go by sea."

Projects in Need

Help with the Traveling Costs for Priests in Siberia, Russia
Extensive traveling involves high costs in terms of fuel. And each time a priest is unable to visit, it means that a group of the Catholic faithful must wait for Holy Mass, Holy Communion, baptisms and burial of their dead.

Construct a Chapel for a Relief and Rehabilitation Center in Ukraine
Will you join in supporting the building of this chapel for a relief and rehabilitation center in Ukraine that serves orphans and other needy children? You will certainly be remembered in the prayers of many.

Fund the Supply of New Books for a Seminary Library in Brazil
This seminary is as poor as all the people in the region. At the moment, the greatest need for the seminary is to upgrade and update the stock of books in its library for these future priests.

Support a Pastoral Program in India to Mark the Holy Year of Mercy
ACN is supporting this project and has promised $34,200 on behalf of the pastoral program of the Diocese of Baruipur. Will you donate to this program to help women, children and ethnic minorities?

Church Around the World

In Armenia, the Pope will visit a very special convent
"We are very grateful to ACN, because you have helped us for many years."

Nigeria: the twin evils of corruption and Boko Haram
Christians are just as involved in corruption as Muslims. It is a national problem and something must be done about it.

Pope calls faithful around the world to join ACN in 'Be God's Mercy' campaign
The relationship between Pope Francis and ACN goes back a long way.

'Mother Teresa was the best missionary of the millennium'
"She taught the world a lesson: Jesus lives in the hearts of the poor."

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