Sister Annie - An Ordinary Woman Doing Extraordinary Things in Syria

The terror continues in the Middle East, as does the uncertainty that each family carries with them. Will we ever have a real home again? When can my children go back to school, and will they be safe? Will we have enough food to survive?

Sister Annie Demerjian works with those in need in Aleppo, Syria.  She sees firsthand the struggles and challenges of the faithful.  It is painful to see people without food and water. In them, Jesus is hungry and thirsty.  What gives me joy is when I can help them and see the relief and happiness on their faces.”

Your gift today will provide clothes and shoes to orphans; enable the building of schools so that children can return to their education; provide food, shelter and medicine, and so much more.  Thank you for whatever you can give today.  May God bless you.



Sister Annie with baby

Christians Under Siege

Iraqi Church eyes return to ancient homelands once ISIS is ousted from Mosul
"Until 2014 there had been an unbroken Christian presence stretching back almost to the start of Christianity."

ACN official praises Iraqi Christians' resilience
"The longer this exile lasts, the more people will leave. And many Christians have already left Iraq."

Syrian patriarch: 'stop extremists from entering Europe'
Patriarch Aphrem warned that Christianity is at risk of disappearing from Syria, Iraq and Lebanon.

In Syria, Aid to the Church in Need steps up emergency aid for Aleppo, Tartus
"Because of your help we are able to stand beside our people and help them, making their burden lighter."

Projects in Need

Fund a Three-year Training Course for Lay Pastoral Workers in a Marriage and Family Apostolate in the Philippines
The aim of the program is to ensure that families are rooted in the Word of God and in the Eucharist, so that they can witness to the Gospel, respect the dignity of life from the moment of conception and deepen their understanding of the Church's teaching.

Help for the Training of 45 Future Priests in Colombia
Can you help us fund the training of these future priests in Colombia? You can be sure that all the seminarians in Cúcuma regularly pray for all the generous benefactors who have helped them on their journey to the priesthood.

A Formation House for the Sisters of the Congregation of Martha and Mary in Guatemala
In order to cope with new vocations and provide the young women with an appropriate formation and preparation for the religious life, the congregation needs to build a two-story formation house, with an attached chapel, dormitories and classrooms. Can you help?

Kenya: Emergency Aid for Victims of Severe Flooding
A number of people have died, cattle drowned, and homes destroyed. As a result, many people have now lost the basis of what was already a precarious existence and they are now suffering from hunger and disease. Can you help?

Church Around the World

The mystery of faith in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
"To search for God in simplicity and love, at any time."

Azerbaijan - Preparing for the Pope
The country is one of the most secularized in the midst of an Islamic world.

Sisters in Bosnia: 'We are there for the children that need us'
"Katarina is well-equipped for the grown-up world."

Christian-Muslim relations have taken turn for worse in the Philippines
"Christians are living in fear; they are terrified to speak out or to go to Mass, despite the presence of the army."

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