Mother and Child in South Sudan

The Faithful of South Sudan Need You.
Please Help Today.

Can you support us in building a culture of love in South Sudan? 

In the last three years, more than 50,000 have died and nearly 2.5 million people have been forced from their homes in this, the world’s youngest country.  The faithful have suffered through decades of a brutal civil war and today continue to live the horrors of bloodshed, abduction and assaults on women and girls.

With your support, Aid to the Church in Need is helping, in particular, the youngest victims of violence by funding Church programs that provide for  basic needs, shelter, and a healing environment where children can be children -- like the House of Hope, started by The Missionaries of the Divine Word in the Parish of Lainya, where youth can play, learn to work as a team and do their homework.

Any amount will aid God’s most vulnerable in their daily struggle to survive. Thank you.


Sister Annie - People are living in Fear.

This ordinary woman, Sister Annie Demerjian, is doing extraordinary things in Syria, but the circumstances are difficult and the terror continues each day for every man, woman and child.

They are living in fear most of the time and also with hope that one day there will be peace.  Parents, when they send their children to school, say goodbye like they will not see each other again, because they know that at any time rockets or shells might fall on top of us.

The situation is a dire one.  But you can bring a measure of hope to our brothers and sisters today.  Your donation will provide clothes and shoes to orphans; enable the building of schools so that children can return to their education; provide food, shelter and medicine, and so much more.  May God bless you for whatever you can give.



Sister Annie with baby

Christians Under Siege

Mother & son survived two years under the thumb of the Islamic State
"'If you do not convert to Islam, we will shoot you as well."

In northern Iraq, Christmas joy is tempered by concerns
"The refugees know that Christians from other countries have kept them alive."

A Christmas letter from Aleppo
"No Christian here ever thought of leaving Aleppo were it not for the hell in which people have been living."

Egypt's Christians hover between fear and trust in God
"When attacks are carried out to keep people from going to divine services, more than usual actually attend."

Projects in Need

Fund Construction of a Parish Center in Serbia
Work has already begun on a simple parish center that could benefit a parish of 124 Catholic families. The basic structure is already complete, but it needs to be finalized. Can you help?

Support Religious Sisters Caring for the Poor and Elderly in Peru and Bolivia
Will you give to support these devoted women as they care for God's most vulnerable in Peru and Bolivia? We are sure they will gratefully remember you in their prayers.

Help Provide a Seminary in Pakistan with Security Measures Against Terrorist Attacks
The seminary must increase the height of the surrounding perimeter wall and repair previously existing damage to it. At the same time the walls have to be protected with barbed wire and a watchman has to be employed. Can you help?

Sponsor the Training of Seminarians in Bolivia
There are currently 17 young men training for the priesthood in the diocesan Holy Spirit seminary, but living costs are continuing to rise and the seminary is having difficulties providing for all its students. Will you help?

Church Around the World

The Church in India--a shining light for all to see
"The Church presents itself as being at the service of all. "

'Pakistan's Christians are champions of mercy'
"We give thanks for the prayers and help of so many who have reminded us that we in Pakistan are not alone."

The Philippines--a Catholic oasis in Asia
The Church is concerned about both the general and religious education of the faithful. The people are deeply religious, but poorly educated.

Prayer Chapel Projects in Need Mass Offerings
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