Sister Annie - An Ordinary Woman Doing Extraordinary Things in Syria

The terror continues in the Middle East, as does the uncertainty that each family carries with them. Will we ever have a real home again? When can my children go back to school, and will they be safe? Will we have enough food to survive?

Sister Annie Demerjian works with those in need in Aleppo, Syria.  She sees firsthand the struggles and challenges of the faithful.  It is painful to see people without food and water. In them, Jesus is hungry and thirsty.  What gives me joy is when I can help them and see the relief and happiness on their faces.”

Your gift today will provide clothes and shoes to orphans; enable the building of schools so that children can return to their education; provide food, shelter and medicine, and so much more.  Thank you for whatever you can give today.  May God bless you.



Sister Annie with baby

Please Give to our Christian Solidarity Fund for the Middle East
Baskets of Hope - Crying Boy in Iraq

We cannot remain passive in the face of this evil. Our clear answer must be patience and a positivity of action. This is why we are helping where we can by visiting the sick and praying with the faithful.”

Franciscan Father Ibrahim Alsabagh is standing by his faithful in Aleppo, Syria.  In a single day, 250 rockets fell on the inhabitants of the western city.  Father Ibrahim added that the current situation is going beyond “that which can be endured.”

Our Christian brothers and sisters in the Middle East are in desperate need.  Can you help today? No amount is too small to aid men, women and children in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. 

Please give what you can.  Thank you.

Christians Under Siege

In Syria, Aid to the Church in Need steps up emergency aid for Aleppo, Tartus
"Because of your help we are able to stand beside our people and help them, making their burden lighter."

Aleppo, Syria is 'a dark city'
"This is our cry today: that peace in Syria is possible. This the only hope for us."

A cry for help from Carmelite nuns in Aleppo, Syria
"We have no water, no electricity, and the fighting is continuing incessantly. Who could possibly come back in these conditions?"

World Youth Day 2016--Testimony from Syria
God, where are you? Why have you forsaken us? Do you even exist? Why won't you have mercy on us?

Projects in Need

A Formation House for the Sisters of the Congregation of Martha and Mary in Guatemala
In order to cope with new vocations and provide the young women with an appropriate formation and preparation for the religious life, the congregation needs to build a two-story formation house, with an attached chapel, dormitories and classrooms. Can you help?

Kenya: Emergency Aid for Victims of Severe Flooding
A number of people have died, cattle drowned, and homes destroyed. As a result, many people have now lost the basis of what was already a precarious existence and they are now suffering from hunger and disease. Can you help?

Rebuild a Cathedral Extensively Damaged by the War in Syria
Now that the siege of Homs has finally been lifted, the people are determined to rebuild their ruined cathedral. Will you join in helping to rebuild this cathedral in Syria so that it can again be a place of hope, peace and worship?

Help with the Traveling Costs for Priests in Siberia, Russia
Extensive traveling involves high costs in terms of fuel. And each time a priest is unable to visit, it means that a group of the Catholic faithful must wait for Holy Mass, Holy Communion, baptisms and burial of their dead.

Church Around the World

Sisters in Bosnia: 'We are there for the children that need us'
"Katarina is well-equipped for the grown-up world."

Christian-Muslim relations have taken turn for worse in the Philippines
"Christians are living in fear; they are terrified to speak out or to go to Mass, despite the presence of the army."

Islamic aggression takes different form in Nigeria
"There appears to be some financing of the Fulani aggression."

Victim of Boko Haram finds new life in IDP camp
Martha mostly survives on charitable acts by individuals, organizations and Churches that provide food items, clothing, medical care and cash.

Prayer Chapel Projects in Need Mass Offerings
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