Bring Hope to Refugees in Syria and IraqBaskets of Hope - Refugee Child

Today our brothers and sisters in the Middle East are suffering and trapped in an unbearable situation. Small children and innocent women and men are refugees in their own land. 

As we begin a new year and the promise of a brighter future, we pray that you and your loved ones can once more open your hearts to the urgent needs of these Christian refugees and offer them much needed hope.  A Basket of Hope filled with non-perishable food items, medicine and blankets will help our overwhelmed brothers and sisters in faith as they brace for a harsh winter.  The situation is a desperate one as supplies are running low.

Please give what you can and ask your family and friends if they can give as well.  Thank you. 


Christians Under Siege

Called to forgive: 'If we hate ISIS, then they have won'
Muslim theologians have to ask themselves: what in our doctrine led to modern fundamentalism?

ISIS erases 'symbol of Christian presence in Iraq'
"It is the sons of the devil who do such work. We can only pray for them. God alone can help us."

Jerusalem: 'We are praying for those who hate us'
"We are thankful for all of our friends in Israel who stand by us in solidarity. "

In Bethlehem then and now, 'Jesus is the door to peace'
"Out of love for us, God became a small and weak child just like them so that He could share our lot."

Projects in Need

Provide a Choir Enclosure for a Carmelite Convent in Albania
In February 2003, in Nenshat, Albania, the "Carmel of the Holy Family and Saint Michael" was formally consecrated. It is the first ever convent of the Discalced Carmelite Sisters in Albania.

An Embroidery Machine for Contemplative Sisters in Peru
There are just 16 priests ministering here in the 32 parishes of this vast territory. And there is also a shortage of catechists and religious Sisters to help them.

Spare Parts for the Half-Century Old Cars of Priests in Cuba
Will you give so that the priests of Cuba can purchase spare parts for their aged fleet of cars and so continue to use them in their ministry to the country's faithful?

Help Complete Renovation Work of the Roof of a Cathedral in Ukraine
Will you help Bishop Bernatsky complete this restoration work for his cathedral in Ukraine?

Church Around the World

Ethiopia: 'I've never seen a drought like this in my life before'
Many children can no longer even get to school, since they are too weak to cope with the often long and difficult walk to school.

In the Philippines Christians worry about growing Islamic radicalism
"Fears are growing in the local Christian communities."

Agency dispatches emergency aid to Ethiopia--more than 8 million people face famine
"We are a pastoral aid agency, but we are prepared to respond to all of the needs of the Christian community and other vulnerable citizens."

In wake of bombings, Jesuit calls on Indonesian Muslims to fight Islamic terrorism
Indonesia's tradition of religious pluralism and harmony is increasingly coming under threat.

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