A Vehicle for Religious Sisters in Ukraine

Three sisters of the congregation of Saint Joseph live and work in the city of Starokostyantyniv in West Ukraine. The sisters visit the elderly and the sick; they distribute food to the needy; they organize catechetical sessions, retreat days, and other parish activities. But their focus is the care of young people, from both refugee families displaced by the war on Ukraine and the local parish. The sisters run camps for them in the summer, giving them the chance to have fun, forget their worries, and develop a deeper understanding of the faith.

But the sisters have a problem. Their car is 14 years old and falling apart, and their work depends on access to a reliable vehicle. They have to transport aid to internal refugees, help individuals who cannot get around themselves, and address the rest of their community’s needs. We are offering the sisters $21,013 for a new car. Will you join us in supporting them?

Code: 438-05-29

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