Newsmax: ACNUSA Chairman reflects on significance of Pope’s visit to Arabia

THE FIRST-EVER papal visit to Arabia was a sign of increasing religious tolerance in the Muslim world. The Mass Pope Francis celebrated in Abu Dhabi, before 120,000 Christians, was the first public Christian liturgy on the Arab Peninsula since Islam’s rise in the 7th century.

Christians in the Middle East are under siege; Aid to the Church in Need comes to their aid, putting the spotlight on the need for religious tolerance on the Arab Peninsula in light of Pope Francis' visit to the United Arab Emirates.
Crowd attending papal Mass in stadium in Abu Dhabi

But the hospitality shown to the Pope cannot hide the fact that Christian worship in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is heavily restricted; not to mention that Arabia’s biggest player, Saudi Arabia, doesn’t permit any churches at all. The Emirates (UAE) are also no exception in the Arab world when it comes to conversions from Islam to Christianity. It is simply forbidden. To read the full text of ACNUSA Chairman George Marlin’s take on the papal visit to Arabia, please click here.

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