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Newsmax: ACNUSA Chairman reflects on significance of papal visit to Arabia


THE FIRST-EVER papal visit to Arabia was a sign of increasing religious tolerance in the …

Washington Free Beacon cites ACN on plight of Iraqi Christians


VICE PRESIDENT Mike Pence announced two weeks ago that the United States would intensify efforts to deliver …

LifeZette: ACNUSA poll reveals American Catholics’ relatively weak awareness of Christian persecution


Speaking during a homily at Mass early in 2017, Pope Francis declared there were now …

National Review: ACNUSA Chairman condemns Hindu extremism in India


INDIA has been a steady U.S. strategic and economic partner for at least the past …

PJ Media highlights ACN’s "Persecuted & Forgotten?" 2017 Report


The report is lengthy and comprehensive. In the foreword, Archbishop Issam John Darwish writes about …

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