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ACN brings hope for 2019 Easter bombing victims in Sri Lanka


“The way we experienced your solidarity is highly appreciated. You have joined your prayers with ours. You shared in our pain and suffering. We will never forget your contributions in word and deed.”

Provide Counseling to Trauma Victims in Sri Lanka


The morning of Easter Sunday 2019 will haunt Sri Lanka forever. On that day, a series of suicide attacks in three Christian churches and three hotels claimed about 300 lives and injured 500 more.

Christians disappearing from Syria, Iraq—a call for global intervention


“Persecuted & Forgotten?” warns that the Church in the region could vanish if radical Islamists were to mount another attack on vulnerable communities—a threat highlighted by reports of jihadists escaping prison, as a result of renewed violence in northeastern Syria.

ACN co-sponsors UN event on religious persecution


“I ran towards the church and saw dead bodies strewn across the floor. There were many body parts hands, heads, legs and hands, moistening church floor with blood. There was lamentation and screaming of the people looking for loved ones. Such a horrible sight.”

ACNUSA’s ‘Night of Witness’ focused on plight of persecuted Christians in the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Pakistan


He also recalled how 17 years ago, he narrowly escaped death, when young Muslim extremists put a gun to his head: “I felt the cold nozzle of a .45 caliber pistol at the back of my head. Then I heard ‘click.’ Miraculously, the weapon jammed.”

ACN supports ‘healing for the wounds of the heart’ for bombing victims in Sri Lanka


To provide for their needs, the Archdiocese of Colombo has set up a team of 40 certified trauma therapists. They provide psychological care for grieving, injured and other severely traumatized people.

Sri Lanka bombings hurt people of all faiths


“THE PEOPLE HERE are good, but the government is bad.” This is the opinion of a Buddhist taxi driver. It’s a view is one widely …

Church in Sri Lanka St.-Sebastian-Church-in-Negombo

Christians in Sri Lanka are still in a state of shock


Many Christians are severely traumatized and reluctant to go inside a church: “Many told me that they are afraid to enter a church at the moment or feel fear when they hear the bells ring.”

In Sri Lanka where faithful are afraid, ‘there is no way to peace—peace is the way’


Father Malaka Leonard Fernando is the Minister Provincial of the Vice Province of our Lady of Lanka, Sri Lanka, of the Third Order Regular Franciscans. …

Service in Sri Lanka

Easter morning suicide bombings of churches, hotels in Sri Lanka kill more than 250


In a message to ACN donors, Bishop Mendis said that “we need your prayers that peace and harmony may be restored to our country.” He concluded: “As an act of solidarity, we must pray for all Christians who are suffering because of their faith.”

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