Keeping the Faith Alive

Ongoing Formation for Members of a Congregation in Uganda

The Congregation of the Brothers of Saint Martin de Porres was originally established in 1953, in what is now South Sudan. In Uganda today, its members work in parishes, teach in schools, and help the poor and needy through charitable activity.

As a home-grown African congregation, the brothers are poor and dependent on outside support for their continued spiritual development. If they are to serve others, they must first find personal strength, lest their vocation wither.

But since 2013, it had not been possible to hold formation sessions, and so Father Charles Olum, the superior of the brothers in Uganda, turned to ACN for help. He knows that a life of intensive prayer is the foundation of everything they do, and that the communal life of the friars is vital to the sanctification of souls. 

Father Charles writes, “Christ is the center of all our goals and desires.” This personal relationship to Christ comes first and foremost, but it must then be translated into concrete deeds of love, he explains. And this interior attitude must be constantly reinforced.

Thanks to the generosity of our benefactors, we were able to support the friars in their ongoing formation with a contribution of $6,900.

In gratitude, Father Charles says, “In the name of God, and on behalf of all my brothers who have experienced the consoling strength of your love, we send you our heartfelt thanks for your tireless commitment to the Church in Uganda.”

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