Support for the Life and Apostolate of Sisters in Angola

In 1992, the Franciscan Sisters of Saint Joseph first arrived in Angola. Today, they have established six convents in the country and provide precious help to the needy and suffering people there. The congregation, which was founded in Germany in the 19th century, is devoted to the sick and the elderly, as well to education in mission areas.

There are six sisters working in Malanje, a city in northern Angola. Their mission is a great blessing to the poor here. The area has undergone rapid growth as a result of migration from the south, which recently saw the country’s worst drought in 40 years. Many people are moving away from rural areas, in search of a better life in the city. But here, too, they lack the basics: clean drinking water, medical care, schools; young girls are lured into prostitution, and teenage pregnancies are soaring. The sisters provide for these girls who have nowhere else to turn to, and they also care for the sick at their healthcare clinic. And a  number of young women who wish to consecrate their lives are training in the sisters’ convent.

We are offering to help the sisters with $3,152 for their life and apostolate, so they can continue to provide their precious ministry to the people. Will you join us in helping these vulnerable young women?

Code: 110-05-39

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