Bridgettine Convent Rebuilt in Puebla, Mexico

Thanks to the generosity of our benefactors, ACN was able to help with a contribution of $27,500 towards the cost of rebuilding the convent wing of the Bridgettine convent in Puebla, Mexico.

The Order of the Most Holy Savior was founded in Sweden in the 14th century by Saint Bridget of Sweden. It is also known as the Order of Saint Bridget, or the Bridgettine Order. The nuns live a life of strict enclosure and contemplative prayer. In the 17th century a Spanish branch of the Order was founded, and today it still has convents in Spain, Mexico, Venezuela and Peru.

As we shared with our supporters previously, the Bridgettine convent in Puebla, Mexico was founded in 1907. It has 20 professed nuns and three young women who have yet to take their final vows, and there are more young women who wish to enter the convent. Astonishingly, the Sisters relate, it was a tragedy a few years ago which led to a sharp rise in the number of vocations. After seven of the professed nuns had been killed in a road accident, more and more young women stepped forward, wishing to join the Order.

A major problem arose for the convent when the building was severely damaged by an earthquake, whose epicenter was not far from Puebla. Part of the building had to be demolished for safety‘s sake – and also because the building, which dates back to the 19th century, already raised health concerns due to the cold, the damp and the inadequate ventilation. It was also small and cramped, and with outside sanitary facilities, all of which made it inadequate for accommodating new vocations.

Now there is much more space, and the Sisters will be able to take on more young women and at the same time enjoy healthy living conditions. The Sisters send their grateful thanks and prayers to all who have helped!

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