Help for Religious Sisters in Ukraine Caring for War Refugees in Their Convent

The convent of the Holy Family in Hoshiv, in West Ukraine, is currently housing 76 refugees from war-torn regions of the country. The Sisters are caring for these refugees, who are housed in almost every available corner of their convent, where they are now slowly recovering from the trauma they have been forced to endure. 

Beyond physical support, spiritual and psychological support for the refugees is an important concern for the Sisters, who listen to those they are caring for and– if requested –speak to them about the Faith and offer catechetical instruction. The refugees are also able to help out in the kitchen and around the house, giving them an ordered pattern to their day, taking their minds off their worries and providing meaningful activities to engage them and to help share the burden. Such a return to a degree of normality is often one of the best ways towards an inner healing. 

Help for Religious Sisters in Ukraine Caring for War Refugees in Their Convent

Sister Yefrosynia, the General Superior of the congregation, writes: “We could, in fact take in up to 160 people, for we have made additional space in the conference rooms, classrooms and side rooms. However, such a large number of people has a major impact on the available resources and the daily living costs for things like light, gas and water. Consequently, the costs are rising rapidly, especially in autumn and winter, when the days are shorter, and we need heating in the rooms.” 

The Sisters mainly make their living by teaching in the parishes, but now that war has come to Ukraine, their normal activities have been disrupted and they have very few sources of income. They are asking for our help, so that they can continue to take in and care for the war refugees, and we have promised them $31,800. 

Sister Yefrosynia and her fellow Sisters are grateful in advance for this help. “Thank you for your words of support, your many prayers for peace and for an end to the war and thank you also for your willingness to help us.”

“May the all-merciful Lord take pity on us and on the whole world and avert a tragedy for all mankind. May He forgive us our sins and reward our benefactors for their sympathy, their generosity and their sacrifices.”

Can you join in supporting these Sisters who are caring for war refugees in their convent in Ukraine? 

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