Help the Children in Lebanon

The situation in Lebanon is dire. The faithful are trying to resist leaving their country, while others have already left.  Aid to the Church in Need is funding projects that will encourage Christians to stay and keep the Faith and its traditions alive.

One of the crucial projects to keep families deeply rooted in Lebanon is the support of Catholic schools.

With the help of ACN, the Church has been able to offer teachers a grant of $300 per school year, and non-academic staff $180 in over 50 schools. This money helps pay for basic needs such as food and fuel, as with the current crisis many teachers, whose salaries can be as low as $50-100, spend more money on fuel to get to work than what they actually earn.

A gift from you today can do so much:

  • Support fragile families in the education of their children and strengthen their presence in their native community.
  • Contribute to sustainable development through the provision of food for children in school and at home.
  • Support parents in keeping up with their children’s needs for a modern education, i.e., communication, training, technology.
  • Help children with special needs and integrate marginalized families into society, securing the possibility for an appropriate university education.

our Donors' Generosity in Lebanon

ACN ran more than 100 projects
in Lebanon
in 2021.

Our donors enabled us to provide more than
$6M in support in 2021.

ACNUSA committed internally to
$500K for 2022 and 2023 to those in need.

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