100 Bicycles and 5 Mopeds for Evangelization and Social Work in Brazil

In 2020, the Brazilian lay Association, Obra de Maria, Or “Mary‘s Work,” celebrated its thirtieth anniversary. It was a great occasion, with the participation of 68 bishops and 300 priests. The community today has around 3,500 members from all walks of life, including priests, deacons, consecrated religious, married and single lay people. They all form one great family, a community that is present in forty different countries around the world today.

In Brazil the members of the Association are active in 238 different parishes and 38 different dioceses. One of the initiatives of the community is the so-called “Cenacles” (Cenaculos), an initiative that aims to help those who for whatever reason are in need of support and counseling. Currently, close to 11,000 needy families benefit from their help. This service is the work of young volunteers. Archbishop Antonio Fernando Saburido is very happy with the precious work they do, including in his own Archdiocese of Olinda and Recife, and especially in the poorer rural parishes. He tells us, “Within a few years there have been great changes, both in the area of evangelization and in the social field.”

Thanks to the generosity of our benefactors, we have been able to supply 100 bicycles and five mopeds for the work of these young volunteers. The total cost was $17,500. Your help was greeted with great joy and gratitude in Brazil.

Twenty-year-old Jodson is one of these young missionaries engaged in the work of serving the poor and proclaiming the Faith. He writes, “Many thanks for your generosity and sensitivity to our concerns. Being able to receive a moped during this difficult time is a great help to me in reaching out to families who need our support and advice. Your help is extremely important to me and a great incentive to continue in the missionary life. May God bless you all!”

Elvina, from the town of Coroatà is likewise tireless in her evangelizing work. She is delighted at the bicycles that she and the other young people have been given and writes, “This is a very beautiful initiative. Thanks to the bicycles, we can now also visit the families who live further away.”

“Many thanks! You are the visible sign of divine providence for us, a sign that, despite all the difficulties, we must not cease proclaiming the Gospel.”

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