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Updates from Ukraine


Celebration at Ukrainian national shrine—faith under shelling

Our Lady continues to protect her children, both spiritually and physically.


Ukraine: ‘We are prepared for sudden and unexpected death’

“Our Church is alive and active. Priests and faithful are in their places, prayer continues to flow, as does the daily liturgy in parishes. More in some than in others, depending on the location: where war activities are going on, or territories are occupied, there is no such possibility.”


Ukraine: a story of war

“Let’s hurry to love people, they depart so quickly…”

Ukraine, April 2022
Bohdanivka, a small village near Kiev/Kyiv damaged and destroyed by the war.

In Ukraine, Russian bombs damage a shrine

Damage is estimated at around Considering the economic difficulties caused by the war, ACN decided to join the effort and support part of the construction costs, so that the priests can move back as quickly as possible.

Car for the sisters catechists of St. Anna in Lviv.

A Car for Religious Sisters in Lviv, Ukraine

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, the Sisters of the religious community the Catechists of Saint Anne, …


Ukraine: ‘Only God can answer the question of why we are suffering in this way’

“The psychological, spiritual, physical, and humanitarian consequences, as well as those affecting the family, will probably be felt later. The healing is a process. We have started psychological services in one of our houses, and a priest takes part in this process.”

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