One year since the invasion of Ukraine, the only thing that has changed is the passage of time. The people are still suffering, they are still in need, Most still cannot go home.

please read the country updates below and donate to the faithful’s fight for survival if you can. god bless you for being a vehicle of compassion and kindness at, what still is, a terrible time.

Updates from Ukraine

10,000 Booklets with Bible Verses for Ukraine

The Society of Saint Paul the Apostle, which has both a male and a female branch, is especially …


ACN has helped more than 15,000 Ukrainians since start of war

A large portion of this assistance consisted of emergency existential aid, which benefited 7,447 diocesan priests, religious sisters and brothers, and diocesan staff. These are the men and women who have remained on the ground, sometimes in the most dangerous situations, keeping the life and activities of the Church going.

His Beatitude Sviatoslav Shevchuk (Major Archbishop of the Ukranian Catholic Church) speaking at the Online Conference
Online Conference Series - Listening to the Church in Need - “24 February: Surviving in Ukraine after one year of full-scale war” on Wednesday 8 February 2023

‘Almost 80 percent of Ukrainians need help to overcome trauma’

Two priests, Father Ivan Levytsky and Father Bohdan Heleta, were arrested by Russian forces on November 16 and stand charged with leading resistance in the occupied city of Berdyansk. Despite constant efforts, the Church has not been able to secure their release, and there are fears that they are being tortured, said Major Archbishop Shevchuk.

Help for Religious Sisters in Ukraine Caring for War Refugees in Their Convent

Help for Religious Sisters in Ukraine Caring for War Refugees in Their Convent

The convent of the Holy Family in Hoshiv, in West Ukraine, is currently housing 76 refugees from war-torn …

Photo: Winter service at the Pidlyute Youth Centre where the IDPs found refuge

Internally displaced persons in the Pidlyute Youth Centre in the Archdiocese Ivano-Frankivsk-UCR Frabruary/March 2022

Ukraine: ‘People are afraid of the winter’

Kaczmarek believes that “recent Russian drone attacks are not targeting strategic military objectives,”, but are instead “making the daily lives of Ukrainians more difficult,” and also making it “impossible to survive the winter in these places.”

Russian militia in Donetsk arrest two Catholic priests

They have been imprisoned in a pre-trial detention center in Berdiansk run by the Russian administration and stand accused of preparing a terrorist act.

Priorities of ACN’s on-going emergency help

1. Tending to the Needs of the People – Subsistence aid for IDPs.

2. Generators, heating, kitchen upgrades, new windows and equipment to keep the faithful warm, and be able to to keep serving meals to families.

3. Emergency support for priests and religious.

4. Vehicles for mobility – to keep reaching out to those in need.

5. Aid for seminarians.

6. Formation and spiritual retreats.

7. Children and youth – summer camps and pastoral activities to leave the war briefly for a spirit of joy in faith and community.

8. Support to Sisters and their mission – Mothers to all!

9. Construction to places of worship and places of shelter.

10. Shepherds and Bringers of Light – stipends to continue celebrating Holy Mass in petition, gratitude and communion.

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