An Automobile to Help Capuchin Fathers in Brazil

The three Franciscan Capuchin Fathers in the Parish of Saint Francis of Assisi in Humaità are delighted with their new vehicle and profoundly grateful to our generous benefactors who contributed the $13,400 needed to purchase it. This parish, which lies deep in the Amazon region of Brazil, covers a vast area, and the Capuchin Fathers sometimes have to travel up to 190 miles to reach the Catholic faithful. Only 20 miles of the roads here are properly paved; the rest are simply unmade tracks that turn into mudslides in the rainy season. Despite this, the Capuchins have always tried to reach every settlement once a month, there being just one small town with some 6,000 Catholics which they are able to visit twice a month. It is all far too infrequent, since sects are springing up on all sides and spreading everywhere within the region.

Clearly, a sturdy and reliable vehicle is vital to reach the Catholic faithful. Their old vehicle was in a desperate state, becoming more and more expensive to run and simply unable to cope with the difficult driving conditions. The Capuchin Fathers turned to ACN for help, and thanks to the generosity of our benefactors, we did not let them down and now they finally have their new vehicle.

Brother Carlo Maria Chistolini wrote to us on behalf of his fellow Capuchins and of all the Catholic faithful: “We are grateful for your wonderful support. Now the Catholic faithful are looking forward joyfully to the next visit from the brothers. In these remote and inaccessible settlements the Capuchin brothers are seen as a source of hope and help in the development of their parish life. Through our pastoral visits we are able to bring them light through the Word of God and the Sacraments and give meaning to the difficult and painful lives of the people here, like the leaven that raises the dough.”

“Through the intercession of the Virgin Mary and of Saint Francis of Assisi, may God continue to bless your charity ACN and all your benefactors in your magnificent mission.”

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