Survey measures US Catholics’ perceptions of global persecution of Christians


ACCORDING to a new poll, 46 percent of US Catholics say the global persecution of Christians is “very severe”—an increase of more than 16 percent …

In Nigeria, a widow is haunted by her husband’s brutal death


Catherine Ibrahim lives in a camp for displaced persons run by the Catholic Diocese of Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria. Here, she describes the murder of …

Battling Al-Shabaab, Kenyan Catholic soldiers find courage in faith


THE NAME AL-SHABAAB sends chills down any Kenyan’s spine. It is synonymous with death, violence, and destruction. The Somalia-based Islamist terrorist group has singled out …

We are embarking on reconstruction program in Syria


AID TO THE CHURCH IN NEED (ACN) is embarking on a program of reconstruction and restoration in Syria, including inAleppo, one of the cities that …

In Pakistan, a Muslim confronts great risks in becoming Christian


THIS IS THE STORY of Kainut, a brave 20-year-old girl who grew up a Muslim, with a Christian mother and a Muslim father, but she …

Nigerian bishop sees pitfalls of ‘clerical Church’


BISHOP MATTHEW HASSAN KUKAH heads the Diocese of Sokoto, in northwestern Nigeria. He is the founder of the Kukah Center, a policy-research institute that engages …

Poll measures US Catholic perception of global Christian persecution


FORTY PERCENT of US Catholics believe that Christian persecution around the world is “severe.” Four-in-ten Catholics say that half or more of religiously-based attacks around …

ACN supports the suffering Church around the world, helps the Church stand up for the human rights and dignity of believers, including in Kenya

A short film you helped fund is vying for an Oscar!


A FILM NOMINATED in the “Short film (live action) category” at the 2018 Academy Awards received financial support from our organization. Watu Wote (All of …

In the Middle East Christians are under siege, Aid to the Church in Need helps faithful in Aleppo survive, spiritually and materially

Aleppo is coming back to life


SAHBAT AL-JADIDA, a district in the eastern part of Aleppo, was hard hit by attacks and bombings during the last five years of the civil …

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