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In Syria, a prayer service for two abducted bishops


“This event is sad for all of us. But with the Grace of God and the solidarity of our brothers and sisters, we have hope. God is the almighty and everything is possible by His Grace.”

Eternal flame at holocaust memorial, Yerevan, Armenia

Armenia feels forgotten, betrayed by international community


“The Armenian people have always come back again from the midst of indescribable calamities, and they have done so in peace, without vengeance or bitterness.”

Patience Ishaya John after bomb attack by Boko Haram (2012)

‘We need a “climate change” in matters of religious freedom.’


“Millions of people all over the world are suffering religious persecution and the trend is alarming.”

Iraq’s Christians remain at risk of eradication—lack of security forces emigration


“The international community must take immediate and decisive action to tackle the problems which are threatening the continuing Christian presence in Iraq.”

2019 unfolded as ‘a year of martyrs’


Heine-Geldern called upon multinational and international organizations—such as the European Union and the United Nations—to establish and protect religious freedom as a fundamental human right on all levels and in all countries. “More and more is being said about it, but still too little is being done.

Survey measures US Catholics’ perceptions of the global persecution of Christians


ACCORDING to a new poll, 46 percent of US Catholics say the global persecution of Christians is “very severe”—an increase of more than 16 percent …

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