Humanitarian Aid

Support Outreach to Children and Families in Lebanon

Support Pastoral and Social Outreach to Children and Families in Lebanon’s Poorest Villages


For the past three years now, Lebanon has been going through the worst crisis in its history. The economy has collapsed, inflation is at dizzying …

Food Packages for 500 Needy Families in Lebanon


The future of the Christian population is greatly threatened in Lebanon as it is throughout the Middle East – a population that has been here …

Emergency Aid for Priests, Catechists and Needy Families Affected by the Pandemic in Pakistan


The Islamic Republic of Pakistan has been severely hit by the coronavirus pandemic – not least economically. The consequences have fallen particularly hard on the …

Support the Training and Care of Catechists in the Central African Republic


The Central African Republic remains in a permanent state of unrest. Ever since independence in 1960, the country has witnessed a succession of military coups, …

Help Syrian Refugee Children Attend School in Lebanon


The situation in Lebanon is desperate. A profound political and economic crisis plunged large sections of the country into poverty in 2019, and the pandemic …

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