Success Story: A Host Baking Machine for Holy Child Sisters in Ghana

The Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus are a congregation of women religious, founded in Nigeria. They work in healthcare and education, caring for the poor and disadvantaged, especially women and girls. The Sisters also work in a variety of other social and pastoral fields. 

The congregation has attracted many new vocations, especially in Ghana. As a result, a novice house was built in 1983 in the Diocese of Sunyani in central western Ghana. It is here that the young Sisters receive their training before taking their first vows. It is crucial to provide these Sisters with the best possible formation, but the difficult economic situation in the country means that it is not easy.

To help this young native congregation cover their costs, the Sisters also make hosts for several of the dioceses in the country. This provides a vital service to the Church, since without hosts, there is no Eucharist.

The number of Catholics is growing and many attend Holy Mass during the week as well.  This adds up to a monthly demand for 1.5 million small hosts for the laity and 15,000 larger hosts for the priests. With their 25-year-old and frequently malfunctioning machine, the Sisters could not manage to supply more than 15% of this demand, since the whole process of mixing the dough, cutting and baking the hosts was a long and painstaking one. It could also be quite dangerous, since the worn and damaged electrical cables posed a constant danger of electrical shock.

The Sisters turned to ACN for help and, thanks to the generosity of our benefactors, we did not disappoint them. We provided $25,500 for modern machinery, so that the Sisters can now considerably increase their production. It also means more money will be available to provide a better formation for the young aspirants and postulants. 

Sister Christina, the novice mistresses, expressed her heartfelt thanks to all our benefactors, writing, “May God bless you all!”

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