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In Ghana, disabilities mark children for death


In many parts of Africa, including northern Ghana, children who are born with mental or physical disabilities are considered bewitched, or “evil,” and they are often left to die, if not outright killed. This is where Sister Therese steps in: she takes custody of the children and gives them a home where they are loved and cared for.

Bringing Christ to remote rural communities in Ghana


“We are asking your help for a vehicle that will enable us to reach more people with the message of Christ.”

A Vehicle for Capuchin Fathers in the Parish of Saint Michael in Kpassa, Ghana


The West African nation of Ghana has a population of almost 29 million, of which approximately 70% are Christians. Most belong to a variety of …

Success Story: A Host Baking Machine for Holy Child Sisters in Ghana


The Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus are a congregation of women religious, founded in Nigeria. They work in healthcare and education, caring for the …

A Church for the People of Nkontrodo, Ghana


Some 200 people of the town of Nkontrodo, a small community belonging to the Parish of Saint Francis in Elmina, Ghana, actively practice their Catholic faith, regularly attending Holy Mass and playing an active part in the life of the Church.

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