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In Indonesia, Jesuit pastor forgives Muslim assailant


“I am not afraid, nor do I get angry. I reflect that this is like David and Goliath. Giant Goliath comes with a long sword, while David is unarmed. David only relies on the intervention and protection of God. A shepherd cannot run away from his sheep.”

India: a priest’s love never retires


“I became a priest because I wanted to be a missionary. To do so I travelled over 2000 miles to give my life for the people. I knew that the Lord would do the rest. This year I will complete my 60th year in the priesthood, and I have never regretted it even for a single day.”

‘It is anything but easy to be a Christian in India today’


The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India stressed that Christians are to be treated as one hundred percent Indian even as they are one hundred percent Catholic. The false charge of Christians subscribing to an anti-national stance distorts Christian thought.

National Review: ACNUSA Chairman condemns Hindu extremism in India


INDIA has been a steady U.S. strategic and economic partner for at least the past decade. It helps maintain political balance in the region, while …

In the Philippines, a bishop finds his cathedral destroyed, but keeps hope


The bishop expressed his determination that his priority, rather than the rebuilding of the cathedral, was to ensure the return of the Christian population that had fled the fighting.

Quetta Pakistan, Bishop Victor

Jihadists attack church in Pakistan, but authorities prevent mass killing


“We need your prayers, not just at Christmas time, but all year round because the risk is always there.”

In Lebanon, Crux reports, ACN helps Syrian Christians stay out of refugee camps


Seeing the fear refugee Syrian Christians have of life in the refugee camps, the local Catholic Church – with the material help of international charities …

Freed from Muslim captors, Filipino priest continues to ‘believe in inter-religious dialogue’


“To the Muslims of Marawi and Lanao del Sur, I declare that I continue to believe that we can still be united as Muslims and Christians. We are not enemies, we believe in one God.”

In Bangladesh, Church stands up for ethnic minorities


The Catholic Church in Bangladesh is speaking up for the rights of the country’s ethnic minorities, bemoaning the fact that ethnic and religious minorities are not explicitly mentioned in the nation’s constitution.

Attack frightens Nepal’s Catholics


An arson attack on the cathedral Church of Apostolic Vicariate of Nepal has left the country’s small Catholic community in a state of shock.

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