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Nicaragua: worst hit by religious persecution in Latin America


The study estimates that the figures it presents are lower than the actual number of attacks. “Cases were found where the priests were so tired of the thefts and desecrations that they only filed complaints about the last of them. Others opted for silence, since they no longer believe in the legal system.”

Nicaragua: bishop goes on hunger strike to protest police harassment


Bishop Álvarez, who has taken refuge during in the parish of Santo Cristo de las Colinas, in Managua, accused the police of having set up roadblocks to prevent priests from reaching the parish to celebrate Mass with him.

ACN-sponsored short film on young faithful’s plight in Nicaragua wins award


his testimony helped me appreciate the efforts of every young person who chose to remain faithful to the Gospel message without fear of the consequences.”

Mass Stipends for Five Contemplative Albertine Priests in Nicaragua


The monks of Saint Albert are a young, home-grown contemplative order of priests and religious in Nicaragua. Until recently, there were no male contemplative religious …

Danaged Blood of Christ

In Nicaragua, arson targets a cathedral


“These attacks against the faith of the Catholic people need to be carefully analyzed, in order to expose the ideological and physical perpetrators of this macabre and sacrilegious act.”

Help Provide a Roof for a New Church in Nicaragua


Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in Latin America. The Church needs help to fulfill its mission there, especially as it continues to grow. …

Nicaragua’s ongoing crisis hampers the training of priests


“What most impresses me is that there are people on the other side of the world who are helping us, people whom we will undoubtedly never meet or get to know. They are helping because we are all one Church, united in love of the Kingdom of God.”

Nicaragua: a Church on the side of the people works for peace


“The Church is accompanying the process of dialogue that was initiated after the protests, but as a service to the country. We are not interested in power, but in supporting the efforts for peace, without looking for any benefit other than the good of the country.”

Nicaragua: ‘No way out of the current crisis without the Church’


In spite of the campaign to discredit the Church, recent, independent surveys have shown that the Church as an institution continues to enjoy a very high level of credibility. The number of vocations to the priesthood continues to rise practically everywhere in the country.

Cardinal reports on crisis in Nicaragua, regime use of deadly force


“Hearing the appeal by Pope Francis to be [for the churches to become] ‘field hospitals,’ many of our parishes have given shelter to those seeking safety and help to the injured.”

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