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A demonstration by Christians in Nigeria in wake of deadly attack by Fulani herdsmen last April

Nigerian bishop fears for the worst from attacks by Fulani herdsmen


“Don’t do as you did in Rwanda; don’t wait for the genocide to happen before intervening!”

Nigerian bishop says there is ‘plan to Islamicize the Christian areas’


“When the attacks take place, there are never any police or soldiers present. Quite apart from the fact that the Fulani tribesmen cannot afford the luxury of such sophisticated weapons. So who is funding them?”

In wake of church massacre, Nigerian bishops call on president to step down


“If the President cannot keep our country safe, then he automatically loses to the trust of the citizens. He should no longer continue to preside over the killing fields and mass graveyard that our country has become.”

In Nigeria, confrontation with deadly violence leaves Catholic teen in grip of fear


“I pray that one day I will regain my self-confidence and overcome my fear and go back to school once again.”

Boko Haram survivor: ‘God was in heaven—he seemed to be far away’


“Today, there is nothing sweet about Nigeria. Nothing! I say so because of my current situation. I am displaced. I once had a room with a comfortable bed in a proper house. We lived in our own house.”

Nigeria: In the face of ongoing Islamist attacks, the faith is growing


“We have to be as patient as God has been with all people for millennia; time and again we must take the initiative ourselves; we must take a stand for truth – because our God is a God of peace, not of violence.”

In Nigeria, brutal attacks and a story of survival


“So we ran. In the bush everyone was selfish; we ran as if there was a competition; we were exhausted and absolutely afraid, but we kept on running.”

In Nigeria, help for families destroyed by Boko Haram


The specter of Boko Haram may have fallen from the headlines, but a painful echo of its reign of terror in northeastern Nigeria endures. The group mainly killed men, leaving behind countless widows and orphans in dire straits.

Nigerian bishop suspects government-level support of new wave of Islamist terror


A Roman Catholic bishop has accused authorities in Nigeria of clandestinely supplying weapons to an Islamist terrorist network, charging that the organization has infiltrated federal and state governments.

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