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India: for Kandhamal Christians, bitter memories of a massacre linger on


“The wound of Kandhamal has not yet healed, and the global Christian community must remember that. The rest of India would like you to forget, but we must not allow the erasure of hate and violence from the public consciousness.”

Hindu nationalist win worries religious minorities in India


“Hindu nationalism is growing and the minorities—both the Christians and the Muslims—often find ourselves abandoned in the face of social injustice and discrimination for religious reasons, which happens quite openly.”

For Indian Catholic, bitter memories a decade after deadly Hindu violence


“Though so many died and despite all the destruction of property, no one betrayed Christ. We stood firm in our faith. We were able to face this terror only because God was with us. “

Christians in India suffer from attacks by radical Hindus


Modi’s ministers have repeatedly emphasized their support for measures intended to “protect” the Hindu religion, the bishop said. In the eyes of Hindu nationalists, religious minorities are seen as a threat, especially Muslims and Christians.

In India, the Church serves all, fighting discrimination on all fronts


“Dalits are considered outcasts or untouchables—even coming under their shadow is considered to make someone impure.The Church strives to eradicate caste-ism. It promotes and upholds the equal dignity and rights of every citizen.”

India: a priest’s love never retires


“I became a priest because I wanted to be a missionary. To do so I travelled over 2000 miles to give my life for the people. I knew that the Lord would do the rest. This year I will complete my 60th year in the priesthood, and I have never regretted it even for a single day.”

‘It is anything but easy to be a Christian in India today’


The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India stressed that Christians are to be treated as one hundred percent Indian even as they are one hundred percent Catholic. The false charge of Christians subscribing to an anti-national stance distorts Christian thought.

National Review: ACNUSA Chairman condemns Hindu extremism in India


INDIA has been a steady U.S. strategic and economic partner for at least the past decade. It helps maintain political balance in the region, while …

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