In one of the poorest parts of Lebanon, the Church sustains body and soul


“For around two years we have been going through a terrible economic crisis in Lebanon. The people are desperate, they need everything. Food, electricity, medicine, milk, at every level they need things to be able to survive.#

ACN calls for day of prayer for Myanmar on February 1, coup anniversary


ACN wants to remember the dead and intercede for the innocent civilian population, especially for internally displaced persons, including children, women, elderly, and the sick.

Iraqi Christians eye new year with hope and trepidation


“So many Christians are leaving Iraq because of the uncertainty of the situation and the loss of confidence in the future. The roots and seeds of Christianity are in the East. Our prayers and our hope are that they will be watered and nurtured.”

‘Violence against Christian women is a weapon in the war against religious minorities’


“We were able to document that mothers and their children are a growing target group. You are not only removing a single person from the group of Christians, but a mother and her progeny.”

In Lebanon, economic crisis threatens closure of Catholic hospital


The hospital is in desperate need for money to pay its staff, feed its patients, buy expensive drugs, the prices of which have more than tripled due to the devaluation of the Lebanese pound.

Armenia: Church of the martyrs


“It is understandable that the Church has committed itself to providing extensive social services to the weakest in society in order to give them hope and an alternative to leaving their homelands.”

Mozambique: a cross with a broken Christ


“The body—the feet, the hands and the head of Christ—is in separate pieces, as an expression of the reality lived by so many people here in this war zone of Cabo Delgado.”

Bishops of Kazakhstan request prayers for peace in the country


“On Sunday, after the Angelus prayer, Pope Francis spoke about the incidents in Kazakhstan. He entrusted Kazakhstan to the protection of Our Lady Queen of Peace of Oziornoje.”

Journalism is a vital tool to expose and combat Christian persecution


Year after year, ACN in Need, with its own journalism, chronicles the experience of Christians subject to persecution, and, with the help of our generous donors, offers assistance.

Pope Francis Video: religious persecution is ‘unacceptable, inhuman’


“As human beings, we have so many things in common that we can live alongside each other, welcoming our differences with the joy of being brothers and sisters.”

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