In Crimea, the poor are getting poorer—faith-based summer camps bring ray of hope


“Many families cannot afford to go on holiday. However, the risk of becoming addicted to computers, the internet, drugs or alcohol is particularly high for children and adolescents who spend their holidays on the streets, bored.”

In Burkina Faso, bishop calls for a halt to outside support for jihadists who are murdering Christians


“When they come to the villages they shoot for hours. Who is supplying them with these resources? If they were not getting this support from outside, they would have to stop. That’s why I’m appealing to the international authorities. Whoever has the power to do so, may they put a stop to all this violence!”

Philippines: hundreds march to express solidarity with bishops charged with sedition


“Let us stand in solidarity and unity in our prayers. We pray for the safety of the bishops and all those wrongfully charged, that they might find strength in these trying times.”

Iraqi Christians fear appointment of Islamic judges to country’s highest court


IN A COUNTRY where Christians have been subject to targeted bombings, kidnapping, and discrimination, Church leaders are grappling with a new crisis: an attempt to …

In Sri Lanka, bombings hurt people of all faiths—Buddhists admire Christians’ non-violent response


“THE PEOPLE HERE are good, but the government is bad.” This is the opinion of a Buddhist taxi driver. It’s a view is one widely …

In Aleppo, Syria, a teenager drew on his faith to make it through darkest days of the civil war


PITER ESSA, 17, just graduated from High School in Aleppo, Syria. Piter, who is Syriac-Orthodox, tells Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) about some …

Pope Francis blesses 6,000 rosaries, gifts to console Syrian families—ACN sponsors initiative


niON THE FEAST of the Assumption, August 15, Pope Francis, during the Angelus prayer in St Peter’s Square, blessed 6,000 rosaries destined for Syria. They …

In Pakistan, a Catholic widow cries out for justice and support in wake of husband’s murder


“On June 8, 2019, he went to work but did not come home. I was very worried, as he was never late. His brother helped me look for him. We went street by street but could not find him. The next morning, someone told us that he’d seen the body of Safdar Masih in the local hospital. He had been murdered.”

Five years after the ISIS invasion of the Nineveh Plains, the end of Christianity in Iraq?


“We Christians are a people of hope. But facing the end also brings us clarity, and with it the courage to finally speak the truth. Our hope to remain in our ancient homeland now rests on our own ability, and the ability of our oppressors and of the world at large, to acknowledge the truth. Violence and discrimination targeting the innocents must end. Those who teach it must stop.”

Father Duraid Barber

On Iraq’s Nineveh Plains, a priest calls his flock to be courageous and stand up for their faith


FATHER DURAID Barber is a priest of the Syriac-Catholic Archdiocese of Mosul, Kirkuk and Kurdistan. Born and raised in Qaraqosh, a Christian town on the …

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