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In Pakistan, discrimination turns violent for a Catholic teenager


“It is dangerous for me in Pakistan. I have never felt respected, and I have never been able to worship freely. My textbook says that Jesus Christ is not the son of God, and that Christians are idolaters: I have no hope for peace, or religious tolerance.”

In Indonesia, a Muslim community enforces, then repeals a ban on non-Muslim residents


“This village rule contradicts Indonesian law: the Pancasila, the country’s official philosophical foundation, as well as our constitution. Intolerance like this must be avoided so that Yogyakarta’s reputation is not damaged.”

Boko Haram, Fulani Islamist attacks on Christians are on the rise in Nigeria


“We consider each day we live in safety a blessing, because we do not know what will happen the next day. It is very difficult to be a Christian in this part of the world, but our faith encourages us to bravely bear witness to the Gospel.”

In Burkina Faso, a Sister uses music to fight forces of darkness


… [T]he lyrics also emphasize the “necessity of training priests and nuns, so that they can be the leaders of a population capable of creating a climate of peace—and so ensure that Burkina Faso can reconnect with its history of peace and tolerance.”

India: for Kandhamal Christians, bitter memories of a massacre linger on


“The wound of Kandhamal has not yet healed, and the global Christian community must remember that. The rest of India would like you to forget, but we must not allow the erasure of hate and violence from the public consciousness.”

Hindu nationalist win worries religious minorities in India


“Hindu nationalism is growing and the minorities—both the Christians and the Muslims—often find ourselves abandoned in the face of social injustice and discrimination for religious reasons, which happens quite openly.”

Burkina Faso: Terrorists kill a priest, nine lay people in back-to-back attacks


“Father Simeon died on Good Shepherd Sunday, which is a moving sign. It is important to emphasize that his funeral on May 13 was attended not only by two government ministers and by Church representatives, but also by many animists and Muslims who are completely opposed to these barbaric acts.”

Asia Bibi flies to freedom, making her way to Canada


“We thank God that the family is now being reunited at long last. We pray to God that they will have a better future and can put behind them nearly 10 years of suffering. We thank God that justice has prevailed.”

Pope to North Macedonia: ‘Do not be afraid, little flock’


The situation is worsened by the country’s low birth rate of just 1.5 children per woman; the unemployment rate stands at 30 percent. “If politics cannot create better living conditions and ensure that the youth have prospects, then the country is heading into dark times.”

In Sri Lanka, where faithful are afraid, ‘peace is the way’


Father Malaka Leonard Fernando is the Minister Provincial of the Vice Province of our Lady of Lanka, Sri Lanka, of the Third Order Regular Franciscans. …

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