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26 Priests in Papua New Guinea Thank You for Your Mass Stipends


The 26 priests of the Diocese of Wabag, in central Papua New Guinea, are very grateful to you for the 2,025 Mass Intentions that you …

In Burkina Faso, a Sister uses music to fight forces of darkness


BURKINA FASO is in turmoil. In May alone, jihadists killed 14 lay Catholics and a priest in three attacks. In late April, a Protestant minister …

Church in Sri Lanka St.-Sebastian-Church-in-Negombo

Christians in Sri Lanka are still in a state of shock


Many Christians are severely traumatized and reluctant to go inside a church: “Many told me that they are afraid to enter a church at the moment or feel fear when they hear the bells ring.”

In Pakistan, discrimination turns violent for a Catholic teenager


“It is dangerous for me in Pakistan. I have never felt respected, and I have never been able to worship freely. My textbook says that Jesus Christ is not the son of God, and that Christians are idolaters: I have no hope for peace, or religious tolerance.”

In Indonesia, a Muslim community enforces, then repeals a ban on non-Muslim residents


“This village rule contradicts Indonesian law: the Pancasila, the country’s official philosophical foundation, as well as our constitution. Intolerance like this must be avoided so that Yogyakarta’s reputation is not damaged.”

India: election results worry religious minorities–a victory for Hindu nationalists


“Hindu nationalism is growing and the minorities—both the Christians and the Muslims—often find ourselves abandoned in the face of social injustice and discrimination for religious reasons, which happens quite openly.”

Asia Bibi flies to freedom, making her way to Canada


“We thank God that the family is now being reunited at long last. We pray to God that they will have a better future and can put behind them nearly 10 years of suffering. We thank God that justice has prevailed.”

Service in Sri Lanka

Easter morning suicide bombings of churches, hotels in Sri Lanka kill more than 250


In a message to ACN donors, Bishop Mendis said that “we need your prayers that peace and harmony may be restored to our country.” He concluded: “As an act of solidarity, we must pray for all Christians who are suffering because of their faith.”

In Pakistan, state schools are a harsh environment for Christians


“Despite what I’ve experienced, I believe that I will be successful. And when I worry, I recite Psalm 23; I always carry a rosary with me as well.”

For Christians in Zanzibar, bitter memories of time of terror


“When I was offered a bodyguard, I refused, believing that the work of Jesus did not require a machine gun; He promised his people that he would be with us until the end of time.”

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