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Mass Stipends and Retreats for 27 Jesuit Priests in India


The state of Assam in India is well known for its vast tea plantations. Millions of people live and work here, a large proportion of whom belong to the various ethnic communities that have been traditionally at the very bottom of India‘s social structure.

Church in India won’t give up ‘fight for equality, justice and fraternity’


“We are not going to give up the fight for equality, justice and fraternity. We hope that Hindus and Christians will soon become more tolerant of each other and that the readiness to use violence will decline throughout the country.”

A New Water Well for an Indian Boarding School


The Daughters of the Presentation of the Virgin Mary in the Temple are an Italian congregation, founded in the 19th century. Their particular mission is …

Four Mopeds for Pastoral and Social Work in India


Many of the 1,150 villages of the Diocese of Eluru in southeast India where Catholic faithful live are accessible only via narrow, unpaved tracks, but …

30 Bicycles for Catechists in India


The Diocese of Rayagada in India became notorious 10 years ago for the violent attacks against Christians there. It is also the fourth poorest federal …

A Moped for a Parish in Rural India


“Many people make decisions that change people’s lives. Thank you for being such people! Your generosity will help me and our diocese to do the …

Consecration of a Village Chapel in India


March 5, 2018 was a day of great celebration for the Catholic faithful in West Vipparu. It was the day on which their beautiful new …

India: for Kandhamal Christians, bitter memories of a massacre linger on


“The wound of Kandhamal has not yet healed, and the global Christian community must remember that. The rest of India would like you to forget, but we must not allow the erasure of hate and violence from the public consciousness.”

India: election results worry religious minorities–a victory for Hindu nationalists


“Hindu nationalism is growing and the minorities—both the Christians and the Muslims—often find ourselves abandoned in the face of social injustice and discrimination for religious reasons, which happens quite openly.”

For Indian Catholic, bitter memories a decade after deadly Hindu violence


“Though so many died and despite all the destruction of property, no one betrayed Christ. We stood firm in our faith. We were able to face this terror only because God was with us. “

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Words of Comfort and Hope

“This brief note is to let you know that we, the monks in Sri Lanka, are praying for the whole world every day from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm before the Blessed Sacrament. And as we pray for the whole world, we have not forgotten you at ACN; you and your loved ones are also remembered in a special way. We pray that the Good Lord may protect you, your loved ones from this pandemic as we believe in a God who is good.”