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Father Riachy

Lebanon: ‘our mission is to bring light into the darkness’


“Pope Francis has told us that a Middle East without Christians is unthinkable. If Christians are to remain in this country, we need each and every one of them.”

ACN commits $6M for the reconstruction of Beirut


“We will continue to support the Christians in this country, not leaving them to face this task alone,”

Archbishop Sater

Archbishop of Beirut: ‘We want to know the truth about the explosion’


“They keep asking the same question: why? Who did it? We want to know the truth, especially those who lost loved ones who were killed or who disappeared.”

Mona and her mother Juliette

In Lebanon, ‘a living witness to Christ on earth’


“Sister Rita comes whenever we need her, she always manages to find time for us. For me, this is the living witness of Christ on earth.”

Help for the Training of Seven Seminarians in Lebanon

Help for the Training of Seven Seminarians in Lebanon


Until recently, Lebanon was the only Middle Eastern country with a Christian majority. Today, Christians make up no more than approximately 34% of the total …

Destruction in Beirut

Lebanon: ‘They count on us for help—both spiritual and financial’


“I was really inspired by the example and the will of many, many people, especially the young, to helping the most affected by the blast.”


Food packages bring ray of hope to Beirut


“If I were to go to the supermarket and purchase the least of these products, I would not have enough cash left to survive the rest of the month.”

Sister Marie Justine

Lebanon in crisis: ‘we need a miracle’


“Our mission is to stand by the people, to lift them up and give them a dosage of positivity and hope. To tell them that God is with us, that better days are coming.”

Clean up

Beirut, we will not abandon you


“We want to show them that, through our assistance, there is future for Christians in a country which for so long has been a beacon of Christianity for the Middle East and beyond.”

Pope Francis calls for prayer and fasting for Lebanon


“In a special way, my thoughts turn to the people of Beirut, who have suffered so greatly from the explosion. Brothers and sisters, take courage once more! Let faith and prayer be your strength.”

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