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Church fills gap in medical care for Syria’s ‘Valley of the Christians’


“People come to us asking for help and tell us that in other hospitals they couldn’t get treatment because they did not have enough money. We don’t simply tell them to go away; we try to help them in every way we can.”

Wartime in Aleppo: ‘many days were like living in a movie’


“I have two older brothers, both of whom have gone abroad, the first as an immigrant to Canada, and the second is waiting in Lebanon for his papers so that he can go to Europe. Now, my mother, my father and I are living together, hoping for their return. Honestly, I feel that I have started to hate Europe because it has stolen from us friends and loved ones; it has robbed us of the sight of them. Yet, my faith is great, and I feel that all will return, even after many years.”

Expert: In Indonesia ‘terrorism could strengthen moderate Islam’


“Indonesia will certainly become more Islamic; but hopefully still within the country’s existing constitutional and democratic framework. For us Christians, the task is clear: we have to build up trusting, positive relations with mainstream Indonesian Islam.”

From Colombia, a story of forgiveness without limits


“On May 19, 2005, attending to my son’s vault in a mausoleum I felt a need to look up, and I saw a sculpture depicting the Pietà. I said to the Virgin: ‘Madrecita (dear Mother), forgive me for crying for my son, when I should stay calm because I had the blessing of being a mother.’”

Nigerian bishop says there is ‘plan to Islamicize the Christian areas’


“When the attacks take place, there are never any police or soldiers present. Quite apart from the fact that the Fulani tribesmen cannot afford the luxury of such sophisticated weapons. So who is funding them?”

Church bombings in Indonesia prompt pastor’s call for forgiveness


SURABAYA is the capital city of East Java Province, Indonesia. Like many cities in Indonesia, 80 percent of Surabaya’s population is Muslim. Most Indonesian Muslims here are members of the moderate Nahdatul Ulama, the largest Islamic organization in Indonesia. The events of Sunday (May 13, 2018, however, were evidence of the growing threat from Islamist

Pope auctions Lamborghini, proceeds help resettle Iraqi Christians


“The Pope never stops showing Iraqi Christians that he is there for them. This gift fills us with great hope and is a source of tremendous encouragement! It is important for us to remain here, to resume our lives in Iraq and to bear witness to our faith and to the values of the Gospel.”

Venezuelan Church rejects elections, warns of ‘catastrophe’


“These elections will not resolve the problem of the social crisis, and for that reason they are without legitimacy. These elections should be postponed, because in reality they are neither legal nor democratic.”

Christians in Indonesia feel ‘desperate, terrorized’ by bombings


“Our faithful are afraid, but we, their pastors, constantly call on them to remain calm. The terrorists are trying to scare us, but we must remain at peace and pray that God may convert their hearts.”

In Congo-Brazzaville, the Church is fighting uphill battle


A DELEGATION of our organization recently visited the Diocese of Dolisie in the small nation of Congo-Brazzaville, which suffered through Marxist rule until 1992 and is presently coping with a host of challenges, including aggressive proselytizing by Protestant sects and inroads made by Islam. Bishop Bienvenu Manamika Bafouakouahou of Dolisie gives an overview of the …

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